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most hated subject??? - page 3

HI EVERYONE! out of interest was just wondering what subject, topic or sector of nursing school you hate the most. MINE, Is microbiology! I love biochemistry but for some reason micro and I don't... Read More

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    I'm really not a mean person, but peds almost killed me Boring, boring, boring!
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    Sad, but it's Fundamentals. Important, yes, but makes for a dry, DRY lecture and studying.
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    In all of college? I really dislike my Religion class as well. Didn't care for math either. In NS, Mental Health and Fundamentals. I think they drove me crazy!
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    Fundamentals .... so dry.

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    I really disliked a nursing research class I took. I think partly because we took it as part of our pre reqs, so I knew nothing about nursing yet but was expected to research it.
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    Still a couple weeks away from finishing, but I really disliked psych and a good portion of fundamentals. I liked my OB class but hated the clinical.

    My favorite class is med-surg and pharmacology.
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    Quote from meghansn
    Evidence-Based Practice by far...that class was awful!
    Yup...sitting here right now trying to formulate a PICOT question for my paper .