Making money while in nursing school

  1. Do any of you work while in nursing school? If so what type of jobs are good to look for while I'm doing my clinicals? I am a chiropractor right now, but I can't keep being a chiropractor while in nursing school because of conflicting hours. Just wondered if anyone had some suggestions. I wont need to make much, living expenses and food are taken care of by spouse.

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  3. by   kguill975
    Since you have healthcare experience, I would suggest getting a job doing something you love, and find relaxing. Nursing school can be stressful, and just doing something totally unrelated and relaxing can take the edge off.

    P.S. I finished my ACNP program with a chiropractor, I was surprised to see so many going into nursing. Good Luck to you!
  4. by   FutureCRNA?
    During my first semester of NS, I had a non-healthcare related job for an average of 12 hours a week (I had previously held the job before NS for a couple of years). For my second semester, I got a CNA job for 2 - 12's a week. I plan to keep working there during my senior year as well and maybe it will transition to a new grad RN job, we'll see

    It's do-able if you have the drive for it. I have a family and not only do I need the money, but I very much want the experience. Between NS & work, I'm gone 6 days a week and the 7th day is spent studying, but you gotta do what you gotta do!
  5. by   Racer15
    I worked retail for the duration of my program. 40 hours a week my first semester, 30 a week my next two semesters, and about 20 or so my last semester. I'd try getting a CNA or nurse extern position, they're usually pretty flexible with school schedules and can lead to job offers when you graduate.
  6. by   PinkCupcake
    If you have your CNA then you could always do that while going through nursing school. I have many friends in my class who work as a CNA on a PRN basis and it works great for them Right now I'm not working but I might look for a CNA job that's PRN. I figure it might help me get a RN job once I graduate
  7. by   Katie71275
    Im a nurse tech. I work about 24hrs a week(that's the most they let us work a weeek to keep us as part time). It's great experience. Im told in our last quarter with clinicals, plius preceptorship we won't have time, but I plan to at least still get in 1 day a week if I can.
  8. by   breezy7
    I'm a bartender. I work 30 hours a week. I find that it helps me learn how to better communicate - believe it or not, nursing and bartending have quite a lot in common.
  9. by   Kimynurse
    When I went to LPN school I didn't really work at all.

    Now in RN School I work 20 hrs a week as a LPN on a rehab floor in a LTC facility.
  10. by   NightNerd
    See if you can get a nursing student position at a hospital after that first fundamentals class. Current nursing student friends of mine are only required to work 24 hours per month, but can usually get more hours if they want to. Two 12 hour shifts or three 8 hour shifts can take care of that, and it still leaves you time to study and have some semblance of a life too.