Longest summer... Ever!

  1. Does anyone else feel this way? I'm starting nursing school in the fall and I'm so excited! The thing is... All this excitement is making my summer creep by. Summer has barely started and it seems like its been forever. I really think this is going to be the longest summer of my life. Anyone else feel like this? I figured I'd start the topic, hoping to find others, so we can entertain each other while summer creeps along haha.
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  3. by   MommaTy
    I actually feel its going very fast. It felt very long while waiting for the acceptance letter, but now, it is flying by.
  4. by   douxmusique
    Yessssssssssss! I was accepted untonmy program in feb, and my term starts may 27 and ive been sooooo bored like timenis creeoing ever since.
  5. by   christina731
    I felt the same way before my program began (Spring '13), It felt like the days were never-ending with my boring job. It was a good thing that I took 3 different trips out of state in the months before school began otherwise I would have lost my mind. Take advantage of the time you have now because once school begins you may not have much! See friends and family as often as you can, take a trip if you can or just veg out. If your program is anything like mine, you won't have time to much besides studying. Good luck!
  6. by   i♥words
    Well, the days leading up to getting my acceptance letter seemed long. But, after that, the final weeks of the semester flew by, and now I feel like this summer is already going by too quickly! I am not ready to start another school year yet. I'm still trying to recover from the last one. The semester will start soon enough, I think.
  7. by   dupton
    I totally understand, my first semester starts August 19th and although I don't want to rush my summer I am so excited after waiting so long to get in the program and start.
  8. by   SopranoKris
    I hear ya! I'm going to take classes towards the BSN this summer while I wait to start my ADN program in the Fall. Now that spring semester is over, it feels like the time is DRAGGING by!!! I know once summer semester starts, time will start flying by. I'm just anxious for August to be here
  9. by   LoveMyBoxer99
    I had thought the same about the summer before I started... It's never gonna get here I said. But a wise friend gave me some really good advice. She said to enjoy every moment of it because once you get started with classes you will beg for a moment of down time. She was right. 2 years later and I am finally getting some rest and relaxation again.

    Enjoy this summer. It will be over before you know it. And the semesters will fly by once you start, but you won't truly have time to yourself again until it's all over and you graduate.

    Congrats and well wishes to you!
  10. by   StrawberryEssence81
    I feel that way too. But I have Microbiology to and Intro to computers to keep me occupied this summer while I wait.
  11. by   Sadala
    You can really make the most of your summer by reading ahead and completely brushing up on A&P.
  12. by   studentnursenelly
    Ughhh I feel the same way! I'm trying to enjoy this time with my family but I'm so excited to start this chapter! Are you starting a ADN or BSN program in the fall?
  13. by   MommaTy
    I'm starting an ADN program September 3rd.
  14. by   KelRN215
    Summer hasn't even started yet

    Take it from someone who hasn't had a real summer in the 6 years since graduating from nursing school... ENJOY every minute of your freedom. I miss the days when summer meant a break from everything.