1. I just found out a few weeks ago that I was expecting in my 3rd year of nursing. Next year I will be done! If you were on my shoes, how did you handle family (I'm married with a 3 year old), being pregnant and NURSING school..It just seem impossible and I have fears that I'm not going to make it. How were you able to study, it seems so hard now because just about every time, I open a book, I get sleepy ....I guess I just wanted to vent a little.....
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  3. by   ixchel
    I don't have any been there done that experience, but I wanted to offer gentle hugs. I have 2 kids that are school aged, so I know how pregnancy sucks the brain right out of your skull. Are you at least due at a somewhat "convenient" time, like summer or winter break?
  4. by   RM27
    @ixchel thanks for the gentle hugs but I'm due the beginning of November, which is close to my Thanksgiving break I just hope I do my best so that next year it will be all worth it..
  5. by   4boysmama
    I have no been there, done that advice to give - I've got 4 boys, but my youngest is 6 so we're way past the baby stage. I know this might not be what you want to hear, but I would investigate now about deferring for a year. It will be a setback, but might be the best thing both for your baby and your sanity. Finishing your last year with a 1 year old will be drastically easier than pregnant/newly postpartum.
  6. by   JMEMNRN
    I was pregnant my first semester of nursing school with two other children ages 2 and 4. Being pregnant was the easy part. Having a newborn in the program required me to manage my time better. You can get through it! Just take it one day at a time! Congratulations! !
  7. by   Stephalump
    Oh pregnancy brain...don't let anyone tell you it isn't real! I struggled so much during prereqs. There was no such thing as staying up to study after the other kids went to bed. There was sleeping, eating, and throwing up. I have a big fat C in microbiology to show for it, but it was an accomplishment.

    All I can say is do your best. Best case scenario, you pull it off. Worst case, you take some time off and get to spend it with your brand new cuddley baby.
  8. by   britthohenbrink
    I dont know what its like to be pregnant in nursing school, but i was pregnant durring my last semester of pre-reqs. I had a 1 year old at home and gave birth to my second son right before thanksgiving break. I ended the semester of A&P2, Micro and Psychology growh and dev with a B in each. I know these classes are not as hard as nursing classes but let me tell you that it is possible to do well while and after being pregnant.

    Good luck and God Bless
  9. by   ScrappytheCoco
    I'm currently 30 weeks and just finished my last semester of nursing school...all I have left is my Exit Exam in 3 weeks! I had awful morning sickness, SPD, and just generally feel like crap, but I did it. You just have to stay focused and don't take your eyes off the prize! I managed a B in Med/Surg 3, finished my preceptorship and got a glowing recommendation from the preceptor, made a 100 in clinicals (finished just last week), and this past Tuesday passed my Med/Surg Hesi no problem. I'm also married, work part time, and have a soon to be three y/o. You can do it, you just have to buckle down and make it happen!
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  10. by   dsb_fam
    Probably not what you want to hear....Nursing school will always be there, your new baby will not. Defer a year if you can and spend time with your new little one. Emotionally, the first 18 months is criticial in the development of attachment and bonding. You don't want to spend the time feeling frustrated or guilty about your sweet, little one. If there is no way possible to defer, get major support systems in place now.
  11. by   serenitylove14
    I got pregnant the last semester of my nursing school, along with dealing with a jack ass baby daddy *Now my husband lol*, and working full time. Everyday was a struggle to stay awake. My only advice is to exercise a little and take your vitamins to help with possible anemia. Also if you are feeling depressed or anxious see your doctor, there are plenty of medications pregnant women can take.