Laptop or paper/pen notes in class?

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    Just wondering who brings (or plans to) their laptop to class for note-taking? Or, who just uses paper and pen?


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    I do paper and pen notes but try to have the eBook companion in class. Best of both worlds? People complain about using the print outs too but I love them. I use them as an outline.
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    Writing notes helps me to retain information so I will be using pen and paper, and a mini recorder so I can listen to lectures in the car.
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    I'll be using both my laptop, iPad, and pen/paper. I'm typing outlines for chapters this summer- we had required reading for the summer before we start, so if they actually get lectured or reviewed, I'll be able to add specific notes from the prof. I also bought the eBook version of my Fundamentals book on my iPad, that way if I don't want to carry my 8+ lb book every day, I'll be able to read on my iPad and then go back and outline. Writing also helps me retain information, and if they give handouts, I'll be able to write down information and go back and add it to my outlines.
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    I use my ipad with a wireless keyboard. I also use the Evernote app, which works wonders!

    I'm left-handed, so I write slow!
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    Pen and paper! I just learn better that way. The click of the keyboard can be distracting for others and there is always the temptation tofu d other things to do on the Internet.
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    Pen, paper, and recorder.
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    Although a laptop is faster for me, I prefer paper/pen. I tend to get distracted using a computer. It's interesting to see how we are all very different and do things/learn things differently.
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    For me it depends... iPad with keyboard (essentially a laptop) and I use the voice recorder app at the same time while taking notes, but if I'm in a class that is covering something I'm confident in, then it's just voice recorder and pen/paper for key notes... Hey, can anyone vouch for a good note taking app? I just use "Notes", but I've heard about Evernote, what is it exactly??
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    How much hardrive space does your ebook fundamentals use? I am planning on getting an ipad mini for etextbooks, but am having a hard time finding out how much harddrive space they use. Thanks

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