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Just Got Accepted!!!!

  1. 2 I just responded to my acceptance letter and accepted my seat into an RN program here in Chicago. Any advice for a new nursing student starting their first semester of nursing school in Jan. 2014???
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    congratulations! relax, get things in order, warn your buddies you'll be tied up massively at odd times, and enjoy!!
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    Congrats !!
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    Thank you all. I'm extremely excited and ready!!!!
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    Congrats and welcome to HELL...LOL
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    No way to prepare, no way to read ahead (our instructors jump all over the book so reading ahead chapter by chapter is a big fat waste of time and brain cells). If there was anything I could tell you it would be to know nursing math (figure out if your instructors want you to use ration/proportion or dimensional analysis and learn it that way. I'm fine with ratio proportion but my instructors want us to use DA and I am having a hard time grasping it ). Brush up on A & P (organ systems mainly, esp cardiovascular). Oh, and lest I forget how much INK AND PAPER I am using! I don't have one but I am getting one, a LASER PRINTER instead of inkjet!
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    CONGRATS.... Organization will play a big role so get organized.
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    No procrastination. If an assignment is due in four weeks, start working on it now bit by bit. Don't wait until week four.
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    I know this was a while ago, but congrats! Would you mind going and looking at my last post? I need some advice
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    Invested in note cards! I don't think that I would have graduated if I didn't use note cards. Plus to make it easier to get a job after graduation, find a PCA job. I had no nursing experience when I graduated and it took me 6 mos to land my first position. Good luck and enjoy the experience!
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    Congrats! Still waiting here in Ga.