Just Got Accepted!!!!

  1. I just responded to my acceptance letter and accepted my seat into an RN program here in Chicago. Any advice for a new nursing student starting their first semester of nursing school in Jan. 2014???
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    congratulations! relax, get things in order, warn your buddies you'll be tied up massively at odd times, and enjoy!!
  5. by   cnoto34
    Congrats !!
  6. by   MsDjana
    Thank you all. I'm extremely excited and ready!!!!
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    Congrats and welcome to HELL...LOL
  9. by   LoriRNCM
    No way to prepare, no way to read ahead (our instructors jump all over the book so reading ahead chapter by chapter is a big fat waste of time and brain cells). If there was anything I could tell you it would be to know nursing math (figure out if your instructors want you to use ration/proportion or dimensional analysis and learn it that way. I'm fine with ratio proportion but my instructors want us to use DA and I am having a hard time grasping it ). Brush up on A & P (organ systems mainly, esp cardiovascular). Oh, and lest I forget how much INK AND PAPER I am using! I don't have one but I am getting one, a LASER PRINTER instead of inkjet!
  10. by   Flnolegirl
    CONGRATS.... Organization will play a big role so get organized.
  11. by   2015
    No procrastination. If an assignment is due in four weeks, start working on it now bit by bit. Don't wait until week four.
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    I know this was a while ago, but congrats! Would you mind going and looking at my last post? I need some advice
  13. by   Keri Camp
    Invested in note cards! I don't think that I would have graduated if I didn't use note cards. Plus to make it easier to get a job after graduation, find a PCA job. I had no nursing experience when I graduated and it took me 6 mos to land my first position. Good luck and enjoy the experience!
  14. by   lovenotwar14
    Congrats! Still waiting here in Ga.