Is there a point in celebrating holidays in nursing school?

  1. 0 Just wondering if other nursing students are celebrating the holidays, like thanksgiving. I don't really see the point when I just have to go back to studying anyways. I HATE studying being the priority that dictates everything in my life!!!!!
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    Yes, with four days off I've done lots of celebrating with family and have time to work on a paper and study today.
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    Yes. We get the entire week off from school. But our homework load is nearly triple compared to what it usually is.
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    I have been enjoying the holidays for the most part, thanks to some advice from thatguy.... I did very light skimming over ppts and that was about it. Monday I will start again...
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    Yep. I took yesterday off, did no studying, just hung out with my family. Today I am writing a paper. I also have 2 tests to study for!
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    You should try and enjoy your holidays and time off from school. I know you are stressed and overwhelmed right now. Find that time to relax.
    If you plan on working in a will be very lucky to get a holiday off. You will miss your family even more.
    Hang in there!! This too shall end.
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    I have my last test before the final on Monday, and a large research paper due next week. Worked every other day, so my "time off" has mostly been studying.
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    I lucked out in the sense that I had 2 tests one on Monday & one on Tuesday. No classes Wed-Friday. The only thing I have to worry about doing is something for my online Ethics class this weekend.
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    im trying to write a paper, but with 4 days off and family visiting. you can imagine a lot of it is getting done
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    You need to relax and live life. I have a gigantic community health project and presentation due Tuesday afternoon and have done next to nothing. I know me. It'll get the last minute, and that's what I prefer rather than waste life attending to trivial assignments. Enjoy what you have before you. You may not get a second chance.
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    I have done 0 studying this past couple days. I should start....
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    Quote from dope a mine
    I have done 0 studying this past couple days. I should start....
    Me too. Starting again first thing monday...
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    Hi there.

    I'm currently in nursing school and have a lot coming up with the end of semester exams and finals, as I'm sure you do, too.

    I've been on Thanksgiving break that started this past Wednesday, and I will tell you, I have been taking complete advantage of it. I haven't done a single thing for nursing school this week. Tonight I'm going to finish up any homework for Monday so that I don't have to stress about it Sunday night, but other than that, I've taken a break from school.

    I may not be getting a 4.0 anymore because I'm not devoting every waking moment to school, but I'm at least keeping myself somewhat sane, too.

    I'm also going to be taking at least an afternoon to go gift shopping with my husband.

    So I say... celebrate!! It will renew and energize you! As long as you don't make your holiday too complicated or stressful. This year, my husband and I are scaling Christmas waaaay back, financially and time-wise because I'm in school.

    School is still the priority. But, we all need to take mini-breaks and have a little family time, too.
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