Is it easier to get a job if you already work in hospital?

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    just wondering your thoughts re school and hospital job? I understand that New RNs are having a hard time getting jobs. Do you think its easier to get a job if you already work in the hospital(as a technician) ?

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    I would say yes. Im a nurse tech and hopeful to have a job when I get out. All of the nurse techs I know who have worked in this particular hospital have had a job after graduation.
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    Quote from Katie71275
    I would say yes. Im a nurse tech and hopeful to have a job when I get out. All of the nurse techs I know who have worked in this particular hospital have had a job after graduation.
    what is a nurse tech?
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    Increases your chances dramatically, assuming they like your work. You are a 'bird in the hand' and not a faceless name in a stack of applications
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    CNA/UAP/PCT - whatever they are calling them this year.

    As for bettering your chances, absolutely it helps. I know many places that prefer to hire their techs because they already work with the staff, they know your work ethic, you are a face they know, versus a piece of information in the vast never ending world of resumes from dozens of applicants.
    Plus you know the floor, you are familiar with the department managers, and etc.

    It can only benefit you! If the unit you are working isn't hiring new grads at the time you are ready to begin work, at least you have someone willing to vouch for your work ethic if you need to go to a different unit within the same facility.

    Best of luck!
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    I work as a clerk in a hospital and right now they're hiring new RN's ONLY if they're internal applicants.

    If you're in an ASN or diploma program you might want to focus on trying to get a job in a hospital that does not require a BSN. That being said, two ASN grads at my college got hired in BSN-only hospitals because they already worked there as aids, and plan to start their BSNs.

    Btw, hospitals take forever to get back to you. I applied to 20 jobs in 7 different hospitals and got one interview/offer. After I started working, I was offered 4 more interviews, months after I applied.
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    If you can manage it simultaneously, I know very few people who didn't atleast have the opportunity to stay employed at the hospital they worked at during nursing school.
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    what about a non patient contact jobs, like an orderly or food service? would that help? I guessing it would give a newbie an idea of the workings in a hospital but its not really a great choice if i plan to be an RN.
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    I would say yes. Some hospitals will consider their internal candidates for a new grad nursing positon (looking at their nurse techs) before looking into external candidates.
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    I'm am a current 2nd year ADN student. I have worked as a CNA at my local hospital for 2 years, so I had one year in when I started nursing school fall of 2011. The hospital I work for is the same one where my school dies the majority of their hospital rotations. I work in the float pool and so do a few of my classmates. We can make our on schedules day by day bc we are PRN. A few of our students who just graduated this past May (2012) also worked at the same place I. The float pool and all who worked with us were offered jobs within 3 before or after graduation/pinning. It definitely helps. I've hot some offers lined upon pending my graduation in May 2013!!!!!

    My current supervisor said that she would actually hire me in the float pool, even though it usually requires one year of Nursing experience. She said she would hire me and instruct for me to only be sent to one specific unit until I got hired in there full time.
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    I can tewll you now, Kansas City Metro Hospitals will not hire ADN's or LPNs, only the nursing homes will. They all trying to get Magnet Status, requires all BSN nurses. I found out as I started from a nursing recruiter, others in my class found out through hospital directors and other recruiters. Keep that in mind.

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