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First of all I apologize for the long post!! So I passed my first semester with good grades. (mostly A's with B being the lowest) The clinical teacher in our first semester said my skills are better than most people's, I just... Read More

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    Posting in a public place is eliciting advice from strangers, that was the purpose. She also had feedback from her instructors and those that know her, which I agree is most likely better than anything we will tell her as we do not know her personally or the entire situation.

    I am no PollyAnna, nor some "Leave It to Beaver" spawn ("you don't know this young lady from Adam" nor do you know me to suggest this). I am not a chatty person in real life and small talk was not easy for me to do at first either, but I realize the importance this can have with patient care. From her posts, she has said it was clinical was boring, felt lost and did not see the reasoning behind the small talk. If you read my first post on the first page, I gave her some positive tips on how I go about the interacting w/ patients. My concern for her is that she doesn't seem to understand the reasoning behind therapeutic talk. If she thinks that her example conversations with patients in the above post is the best way to communicate,she might be happier and more comfortable in another area of health care, perhaps one where she can concentrate more on the academic aspects (as she stated she did well in this). I never said she couldn't learn how to be more empathetic with patients, but first she needs to understand why it's important in order to implement it.

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