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  1. EveRose

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    I took my boards at 8:00 am Fri and got the good pop up ("Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time".) around noon Fri. Paid for early results today and I passed.
  2. EveRose

    Nclex next week.. going to fail again.

    "aug 3 by futurelpn2012yes honey there is, there is a page called ncsbn learning extension . nclex preparation . continuing education for nurses . nursing faculty education which is very good !!! some people say they passed because of this page, you go there you click on lpn or rn review and you do the 3 weeks practice test , it gives you lots of nclex style questions and rationale for you to study and costs $50 .... there is also another page .... main menu - nclex-rn 3500 - institutional version. in this page you will find 3500 questions for free for rn , its nclex style questions with rationale, if you are in lpn most questions and the same for lpn... good luck" couldn't agree more, saunders is far easier than the questions on nclex! the questions from ncsbn are spot on nclex style, i used those and the nclex-rn 3500 and i took my exam today. i got the good popup when i check so yeah go with these two. (oh and i only just buckled down to really study this past week) good luck!
  3. EveRose

    Why did you want to become a nurse/ My Story/Rant

    If you are frustrated with the time requirements for class and clinical and frustrated with the instructors making things over complicated I hate to tell you it's only going to get worse as you advance through the program. The instructors will expect more, the tests will be harder, the clinical thinking will go from common sense to all of the answers being correct and you have to chose the most correct. As for getting into nursing for the paycheck, it isn't the sort of job where you show up and "phone it in". But in reality we are all working for a check. There are plenty of other options where you can make good money that play into your interests. Have you looked into a vocational or technical school? You've said your good with your hands, could build your own house and really enjoyed your last job working as a porter. Why not go for a certificate or degree in a building trade - carpenter, electrician, HVAC, contractor. Here in Iowa there was a story on the news last night that DMACC grads in the machinists program averaged 3 job offers at graduation and they are actively recruiting students to try and meet manufacturer's demands for skilled labor. Just a few other options for you to consider. Life is really to short to waste at a job that you hate or simply show up to for the check. Good Luck!
  4. EveRose

    Are you able to review your exams?

    Wow I can't imagine not being able to review my exams. How can you learn your strengths and weaknesses without being able to see what you missed. We have to clear our tables then go over the test with our instructor so we can ask questions and get rationales. If our instructor notices that a large number of students missed the same question SHE brings them up and we go over them together why the one answer was right & the others wrong. Sorry but I think you're being short changed by not having the opportunity to review.
  5. EveRose

    instructor says nursing is not for me..

    If this is how you truly think that you should be communicating with your patients then I can understand your clinical instructors concern. Your logical and truthful comes across as condescending and threatening not the best way to facilitate communication. Building a trusting relationship doesn't have to be nice and fluffy but borderline assault isn't the way either. (Some instructors could consider threatening the patient with complications unless they let you perform a procedure assault by definition) The basis for therapeutic communication is empathy, logic has nothing to do with it. If you can't see where the problem lies in your above post then IMO nursing really isn't for you.
  6. Assault on medical staff performing their jobs should be a felony. period. The courts will provide council for those that can't afford it, and if a medical condition led to the violent episode they will be deemed incompetent. This gets them into the system and hopefully the help they need because competent or not if they are sick enough to be violent with others they don't belong in society. And for those violent because they can well they will have time to reconsider their behavior.
  7. EveRose

    Tuition Reimbursement Question ... Advice please!

    I guess I don't see the problem 1 - you either go work for the small hospital for 4 years to pay back their investment in you or 2 - you pay back the money you owe them with interest. That was the deal you agreed to. Either way you're paying back the money with either time or cash your call. IMO they were good enough to take money from for 4 years but now that it's your turn to reciprocate they're not good enough for you - doesn't really speak much for your maturity or your ethics.
  8. EveRose

    Med Surg....UGH

    Focus on the the pathophys & manifestations - that should help clue you into the interventions. The Davis Success Series is awesome.
  9. EveRose

    GTPAL and Gravida Para need explanation?

    I'm currently taking Maternal Child and our text teaches it the same as iteachbob. Maternal-Child Nursing 3rd edition by McKinney, James, Murray, Ashwell pg 262 G: 3 T: 1 P: 1 A: 1 L: 3 P is one - the number of fetuses in pregnancy doesn't change the para I live in Iowa and this is what the hospitals use here.
  10. EveRose

    pre employment math exam

    go over metric system, and how to convert between systems like 5ml in 1 tsp, 30 ml = 1 oz, 1 kg = 2.2 lbs That's what I think of when I heard conversions
  11. EveRose

    How to survive clinical instructor from hell?

    I'm so sorry your clinical experience is so rotten! :hug: Just keep in mind it's only 4 weeks to get through for a career you will enjoy for a lifetime. Plaster a pleasant expression on and do the best job you know how to do and tune out what ever this miserable person says to you! Good Luck!!!
  12. EveRose

    Classmates complaining about program, I think it is fine

    Shoot I didn't know we were in the same class! I think part of it is maturity like srobb11 said and some students seriously underestimate how much work is required to do well in nursing school. There are numerous quality study guides available, most schools have tutors, anyone can start a study group there are any number of things a student can do to succeed. Unfortunately some would rather complain about how hard the tests are, how poor a teacher the instructor is blah blah blah. If they spent as much time working on their study skills as they do complaining they might see some improvement in their grades.
  13. EveRose

    ever have an instructor just melt down in class?

    I would think twice before going over not only your instructor's head but also the deans. Particularly since the semester isn't even over yet. I don't understand why you considered that the dean broke confidence, just what exactly did you expect them to do? They were brought a problem with an instructor and then took the issue to the instructor. As for your instructor they were blindsided by a complaint they knew nothing about and didn't have a chance to address. How would you react if your boss chewed you out over a problem you didn't know about? If I were you I would go to the instructor and ask for advise on how to study to pass the tests, what material to go over etc. I would be more concerned with my failing grade than rather or not to go forward with any complaints. Just my:twocents:
  14. EveRose

    IV therapy skills in nursing school...do they still exist?

    I'm getting my ADN and will graduate in May, in my program we have had fluids & electrolytes lectures in every semester. We cover IV therapy in our adult health rotation 2nd year and we have a simulator arm with blood flash and we have to practice on each other. After we test out of this skill then we apply it in clinical just like every other skill we have learned.
  15. EveRose

    Which shoes to buy for clinical?

    I have a pair of Danskos and I LOVE them. I started with a pair of the Sketcher shape ups and they killed my ankles not to mention being off balance when transferring or walking pts is not a good idea. I've heard that Danskos run small and some people say they run large, since they are a little pricey find a store that carries them and have them help you fit them. They are supposed to slip off your heel when you walk and if you're not used to this it can be a bit odd and take some getting used too. If you can't find a store Zappos.com has free returns so you could try ordering from them, I would go one size larger than you think but that's just me. (I returned a pair of Santrias - just didn't fit right, supposed to be like Danskos, had no problems) Mine are a year old and look like they just came out of the box. I use either a damp cloth to clean them up or for a stubborn mark mr clean magic eraser works wonderfully. Good Luck with the shoe hunt!
  16. EveRose

    Anatomy harder than nursing school classes?

    Sounds like you had one of those teachers who thinks it their job to "weed out" the nursing school applicants. Get yourself a different teacher and try it again. All your pre req's are basic knowledge based testing your nursing classes are a whole different breed of cat. To get through nursing there is no "formula" you have to be flexible, be able to pick the best correct answer because all the choices will be right, and to pass clinical you have to have excellent people skills. If you prefer things to be straight forward, logical and black and white nursing may not be your best choice.