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  1. fltnrse2

    instructor says nursing is not for me..

    Good to hear from you Orletta, I would like to make a comment on the posting by ms. Co-Co Nut. Althought I would like to think you are honest and in the best interest of this young lady to chime in with your "opinion" that you don't think she belongs in nursing either. Oh please, Ms. CoCo-Nut not all of us we raised in a loving home like "leave it to Beaver" and what some take for granite , others have never experienced before. I see the problem is quite the opposite in the case of nurses. Now you might not think it a tad strange to stick your hand in areas of a compete stranger and never think any more of it. Why is that?? Because many not all have poor to nill boundaries, that is why we can do what we do. While there are those who want to kick this young women to the curb and move on, I couldn't disagree with you more. I don't think anyone has ever been damaged by encouragement, however the curb side of the street is always full. The last think this young lady needs are complete strangers telling her what she should do with her life...you don't know this young lady from Adam and I think it somewhat out of line to opine such an opinion as if she is a long lost cousin. After all it is her life, and just maybe with kindness, emotional support and encouragement she will come into her own becoming a very fine, skilled and tender nurse. Just put one foot in front of the other and before you know it you will come to your own conclusion. I don't really care with all due respect what any one else thinks, no one can deside your future better than you can. Let me hear from you, and how you are doing. FLTNRSE
  2. fltnrse2

    Breaking through the cliques

    Dear Lonely, Do you work nights or days? I know what I would do but you have to make up your own mind. The first thing I would do is stop asking them questions (that changes the power structure) unless some one REALLY gets slammed I would not offer to help, what I would do is find a book and get an answer to that question you got an unsatisfactory response to. If I had a charge nurse who wouldn't answer a call light, and continues to study another language you have two choices, one you can ask her "don't you answer patient call light's or is that something you don't have to do because you charge? I would ask her what language she is learning, so when I write her up I will have the correct information in my report. There is never a good reason to blow off a patients call light, unless the obvious reasons. She is not gettng paided to learn a language. I would put my observations in writing for the unit manager. I would love to know how this works out...be strong! FLTNRSE
  3. fltnrse2

    Shocked...Confused...& Terminated=SAD "(

    OK Lucky, I think I posted to you a couple of days ago, but I reviewed your posting and wanted to make a couple of comments. So you cannot start an IV, it's not in your scope of your practice right? Here are some questions I would have for the white coat. He know noting about her health history yet he ordered atropine? Did he do an ekg? I would have checked her blood sugar also. I would want to know what his rational was for choosing this medication, and if he was so concerned why didn't he start the IV and push the medication? Did he have you put her on a cardiac monitor? Did the atropine help this patient? Did the doc return to check on her? If so I would have noted when she was medicated and ifand when he returned to reassess her, a also made a notation if he put her on a monitor. If he had enought time to complain and get you fired, did he also have enough time to do the right thing about this patient? I'm sorry this happened to you, you should have had a licensed person available to you for instances like this. It's all about the Money. Hold your heard up high and realize the doc you described we have all know our share of. In my opinion soulds to me your ata the very least owed an apology and your job back, but I wouldn't hold my breath. You didn't do any thing wrong, he was out of line so it seems to me. Good Luck, you will find another job and may find that you are happier there. FLTNRSE
  4. fltnrse2

    instructor says nursing is not for me..

    Dear Orlettta, Nurses aren't born nurses. We learn to become nurses, it's a process. I have to say that I think educators who "opine" in your second semester that your not cut out to be a nurse don't know what thier talking about. What they have a crystal ball? It takes time to become comfortable in a clinical setting. Only you know how much you want to become a nurse, so I encourage you not to pay too much attention to theses cheap shots from educators. When I was really sick, the last thing I wanted was a chatty Kathy for a nurse. Secondly, at the rate patients are being moved in and out of facilities you hardly have time to get thier name right let alone time for a conversation about thier lives. There is nothing wrong with you, and don't let other people try to control your behavior, be true to yourself. You have no reason to defend youself, as long as you are doing your work and getting the grades, don't worry about it. One final thought, the main focal point in conversation is directing the conversation to be "theraputic". If this type of behavior continues with this same instructor I would go to the Director of your nursing program and ask for a meeting with her and this instructor. I'm picking up on the vibe that this instructor nay have some issues with power, and could enjoy intimadating students with a limited amout of clinical exposure. If this continues you will be putting more engergy into pleasing this instructor which takes time and energy away from your patient. Let us know how you get along. What you have described has no place in nursing education. Hang in there and don't ever let anyone take your dreams away from you. Beleive in yourself and not in what other peoples opinion is of you! FLTNRSE
  5. fltnrse2

    Shocked...Confused...& Terminated=SAD "(

    Dear Lucky, I would be at a loss myself for the cause of this patients rapid change. Please don't let this get you down, what else could you have done diffenrently? Maybe nothing it was just going to happen no matter what. If you hadn't been called away by you boss this would be a different story, so I feel you could use that event to your advantage. It soounds to me that your are a very capable nurse. Just think how bad we were treated when there was a nursing shortage??? Hang in there, don't let this get you down, try to let it go and move forward in your career. I might even ask admin to but into writing for the termination. I back you 100% FLTNRSE
  6. fltnrse2


    This is a great topic...thanks for sharing it. A few things come to my mind, for instance women can be as abusive as a man and man submissive, who know's, maybe thre into BDSM? Then there is that ever present chance that a c-pipe was hit on before coming in for care. I would love to know what thier complaint was to begin with, if you were ever able to find out. I hope to see what others think about this presentation...FLTNRSE
  7. I'm having a little problem with my email so this may be a dup. This smacks of age discrimination to me. I would also go to my personal physician not one provided by the instituation. Have you looke into HIPPA? Let me know what happens this is a very interesting subject if your comfortable do that. You can PM me. FLTNRSE
  8. Isn't this age discrimination? FLTNRSE
  9. Isn't that age discrimination? If the doc works for them I think that is an another problem? And what about HIPPA? Keep us posted this is an interesting situation. Fltnrse
  10. fltnrse2

    Nurses who Nurse Patients

    Dudette10, I feel you! The one that drives me insaine is " well we have a 20g in the LFA, it does flush to well, there is a little edema, But we didn't want to dc it because that was the only IV access she had." It's all I could do to restrain myelf, I was as tactful as I know how to be, and I replied "it's a good line or it isn't, period". By the way this was a pt with a patient with a cardiac hx. The way I see it, it was nothing but lazy, and not on the job, but on her smart phone! My next comment is all you are doing is settng up a faily good situation for an infection, and just what is youor plan if she should code? I just wonder if she went to nursing school on the Internet? FLTNRSE
  11. fltnrse2

    Dear preceptor

    I just love a warm and fuzzy story. The oo's and aah's of the good old days, but I have a different take on this. I think there are some instructors/preceptors who get off on putting the fear of Godin thier student's. However this personality type takes the energy you should be putting forth in learning, and put it towards pleasing the oger. It is possible to learn more when you are not experienceing too much anxiety. Our instructors/preceptors have a lot of power over thier students and some, not all take advantage of the situation. It's like the child who was abused as a child grows up to abuse children. Get It? This is the most difficult job you will ever do, and my hope is that if you become a instructor/preceptor you will encourage and inspire your student's to become the best! FLTNRSE
  12. fltnrse2

    Nurses who Nurse Patients

    Dear Chevyv, I like you began as an LPN for 20 years, then RN for the next twenty. I had to take some time off for health reasons and had to take a "Refresher" course. It FINALLY dawned on me why so many of the younger generation love those 12 hour shifts. I also love to be at the bed side. What I observed were the RN's checking thier personal email, texting, making and taking personal phone calls and the two nurse managers just ddn't seem to care. So who was doing the patient care? The CNA"S!!! except for treatments and meds. I have had cancer and a heart atatack, and all I pray for after seeing what I call "the point and click' generation of nursing is that I just drop dead. Now in all fairness there are some stellar nurses in the ICU's and some ED's, and I want to give them all props. I have to say that I am deeply saddened by the fact of how I began my career to where it will end. So eat your veggies and stay well!! FLTNRSE
  13. fltnrse2

    How do I report a Doctor to the DEA? Anyone ever do this?

    Remember Anna Nichole, Michael, Elvis and on and on. For every preciption addict lies a member of the healthcare team willing to write the scrips. When I watch the addicts being arrested by the droves in places like Florida for selling the scrips they just walked out of the office with, I think to my self, if you take out the one component that makes this whole scenerio take place day after day it wouldn't stop the practice but it sure would curtail it. As a society we have elevated white coats to a level of God's and many of them actually do deserve our respect, but why I wonder is society willing to watch this happen and do nothing? Therefore, there is always the Board of Healing Arts in your state, but be careful, ask them how you go about making a complaint, some have websites that you can print off the form. It's the very reason this kind of thing continues, because we are "scared". I agree with my college that said it is a duty as a licensed health care provider to report. If perchance something happens you no doubt will be asked "why didn't you report this?" It's the old rock and the hard place, but I trust that you will do the right thing. I support you 100%. FLTNRSE
  14. fltnrse2

    Problem with another nurse

    Dear Nickie Laughs, Just another reason to do away with 12hr hour shifts! I don't think I completly understand your comment, but I'll take a stab at it anyway. Me, no I am not a new grad I've been in practice for 40 years. I just fail to see this subject as a big deal. After 12 hours what's another 5 minutes? A ittle kindness can go a long way, you never know when your going to be the consumer as opposed to the provider and look up to see this not so new nurse taking care of you. It never fails why asnurses collectively we don't seem short on the ability to go directly for the jugler. Consider that this might be a real question, not some convert operation to give you a hard time after 12 hours of work. FLTNRSE
  15. fltnrse2

    Problem with another nurse

    I have read many of the postings on this subject, I disagree with most of them. I got that "here we go again" feeling again. Why do we give report? I'm thinking so nurses can communicate with each other concerning a patient. I don't agree with written or tape recorded reports, I view them as a means to avoid communicating with each other, and if you have a question there is no one to ask. Asking questions and seeking clarification I see as a plus for the patient and the nurse asuming care. If a question (interuption) or the need for clarification causes a siminal event (or so the studies show) then I would suggest being more organized with the information you are going to report on, then check it off when you have covered that topic. I'm so really tired of nursing bashing each other. I often wonder why it seems so easy for nurses to jump on the bashing band wagon as opposed to offering as many solutions. I don't see the isssue as nit picking or the need for long sighs to demonstrate your feelings, or any of the multitude of remarks many have suggested, why? Because it takes us away from the ability to communicate about "the patient". Somehow I think I might find opinions that when something goes wrong these same nurses will respond something like this, "so why didn't you just ask." FLTNRSE