I need a Flux capacitor!!

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    Sometimes no matter how hard you study for a test - you just freeze. When that happens there's just no turning back. It'd be great if we can go back in time with a Flux capacitor. Haha, right now some of you are probably saying, "What's a Flux capacitor?" Please share your thoughts on buying a Flux capacitor. I know YOU want one.

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    Nah - flux capacitors are easy; finding a beater DeLorean, THAT's hard!

    ----- Dave
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    Sign me up for one !!
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    when this baby hits 88 miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious ...
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    I'm sure someone is going to think its similar to a incentive spirometer or something like that....
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    Hopefully I will not need this for the PCCN I am about to take. Yikes!

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