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  1. Sanford, ND as a New Grad

    I havent started yet but I also accepted a position on 2S Cardiac Progressive Care. i start July 25 what about you? I made a move from FL so I can tell it was quite an adventure, with some stories to share. We can get in tou h when you get in town, i...
  2. how much do you pay on student loans per month

    If it has 0% interest then the loan is virtually interest free. You would only had to repay the amount of the principal ( what you originally borrowed).
  3. how much do you pay on student loans per month

    Yes, interest still accrues on your loans.
  4. What would a single payer system look like?

    My statement is on reference to the US Medicare system.
  5. What do we need to buy?

    Good luck on your program.
  6. What do we need to buy?

    A stethoscope is always a must, as well as scrubs from your program. I would suggest also to get some flashcards and well whatever textbooks your school uses. Next I would look for some practice questions books for your classes such as the q&a re...
  7. Again I understand your perspective, if a business is running on the "red" of course you need to implement across the board cost cutting measures in order to stay afloat. The nurses being the biggest component of the healthcare team can help with cos...
  8. WGU Nurses Week info.

    WGU is offering a waiver for the application fee and also a scholarship in celebration of Nurses Week. Check the following link... WGU Welcomes Nurses for National Nurses Week 2
  9. Its been like that the whole time. Every time someone brings a counterargument to his point he resorts to being personal and demeaning. Its called a debate you bring your side of the argument, others bring theirs, no need to get nasty or personal, ju...
  10. Meaning of your username?

    Winter is coming... So we are just hiding under the sheets.
  11. Meaning of your username?

    Is your avatar the Silver Wolf Medallion from the Witcher Series?
  12. Meaning of your username?

  13. There is no reason why hospitals should be offering sign on bonuses and such, there are plenty of nurses to go around but they choose not to work in those places because of many things ranging from crappy pay to horrible staffing, or administration. ...
  14. Well said!
  15. When are you officially a nursing student?

    You can call yourself a "nursing student" when you are taking your Fundamentals of Nursing Class and you get that name badge that says Bla Bla "Nursing Student". Up to that point you are a Pre-Nursing Student. You must earn your right to be called a ...