I' m done and it feels good!!

  1. Just finished my last nursing class for my ADN program with a B and it feels wonderful!!!!! I'm officially a GN! 30 sec dance party time!!!!
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  3. by   cm13sc
  4. by   OB-nurse2013
    Congrats hopefully be posting this next semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   Racer15
    Congrats! Feels good doesn't it? Now on to NCLEX
  6. by   daisyfleur70
    Yay! Congratulations!!! I just finished my BSN and I'm so stoked!
  7. by   LLL01
    Congrats!! I just passed and am THRILLED! It's an awesome feeling!
  8. by   prettymica
  9. by   nononever
    Congratulations!!! I'm jealous
  10. by   rubato
    Congratulations. So awesome.
  11. by   ER(notso)n00b
    Congratulations to you! All of those care plans and late nights studying for exams have paid off! Good luck on your NCLEX.
  12. by   Illmatic
    Congrats! Good luck on your NCLEX!
  13. by   wldhrt4evr
    Wow, that is wonderful! Congrats!! I will be starting NS in January 2013. Very excited. Could you offer some advice as to how to be the best student in clinicals?
  14. by   AndrewCraigRN
    I've graduated and it still doesn't seem real yet. Lol Congrats!