I know this an old beast BUT ...

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    I know this an old beast but if I cannot vent and speak my mind freely here (within reason); where else can I?

    I am quite annoyed; I have several friends who are in a BSN program and it's evident that their course load is extremely light; it's evident that they are babied and quite frankly... it ANNOYS ME.

    I was flat out told by professors that they are here to break us down and build us back up. In fact, one professor told me in private that they strive to make exams are ridiculously hard as possible.

    In my theory class we had (at one point of time) the class average was a 50%. It's not because we're not studying; I see how we study... we studied hard... it's THOSE exams.

    Then after I find out I get ALL C's ... my friend in (BSN) student tells me how she got 2 B's and an A thanks to receiving (wait for it)... bonus points... (HOLD UP... bonus points? what is this... grammar school?)

    We get no bonus points, we get NO rounding of grades. My other BSN friend was surprised to hear that professors don't round. (Seriously? Your professors round? this is a professional school; there's NO rounding).

    She was also surprised to here we do 2 care plans the night BEFORE ... they do ONE care plan ... and get an entire WEEK.

    The part that truly infuriates me is that she says that her classmates truly believe that ADN's are the equivalent of a CNA.

    Don't get me wrong; nothing wrong with being a CNA... it just makes me angry because I've spent nights studying (sleepless nights). I've gone to clinical with 1 - 2 hours of sleep.

    BOTH are in 3rd semester and have already taken Medsurg 1 & 2 and pharm... and do NOT know the relationship between Mannitol and HF (why it's Contraindicated) ... okay, I guess I can't knock them for not possessing recall knowledge but for the love of the Big Guy, I don't think it's rocket science.

    They can talk to me about theories and Florence nightingale but not how the physician will most likely fix Dig Toxicity and what their nursing responsibilities would be.

    They can tell me about Barton but not about WHY we check potassium before administering insulin to our DKA patients.

    and THEY are preferred to be hired rather than me?

    Well FINE... have at it...

    when I graduate and am refused a job (I WILL be working on my BSN prereqs) because I don't already have a BSN ... you will lose someone who will:

    NOT be scared to get down and dirty
    NOT be scared to defend my patients health
    GLADLY learn new thing (otherwise I wouldn't bridge to BSN)
    GLADLY do the "lowly" task
    GLADLY perform the complicated procedures AFTER I understand the rationale and pathophysiology behind my interventions.

    Just to add some wood to the fire; my clinical buddy was doing clinical and she floated to another floor b/c her original floor had too many new grads who were shadowing...

    she floated to a floor with students from a BSN program and ALL they did was sit, chat, chew gum, and TEXT...

    We get sent HOME for having our phone. We get sent home for having a speck of mud on our shoes.

    I'm not sure what exactly the studies say about BSN prepared nurses but I think it's malarkey.

    I'm sure it can help with management but honestly; you're going to say my hard work has earned me a CNA position?

    )= I needed to vent...
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    Don't assume all BSN programs are that way.
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    Girlfriend (boyfriend? I dunno) we have the same issue here! There is 1 ADN college and the rest are BSN schools. Let me tell you, us ADN students can run around any of those BSN student on the clinic floor! We know our stuff, they do not. I know not every single BSN program is like that but from what I have experienced here they are. They tend to be more book smart than hands on smart here in town. During my peceptorship I taught quite a few BSN students as well as some of the students from my school. It was a great experience for me, but I honestly wouldn't want them working on my or my family/friends until they got a lot more experience!
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    I'm not sure what they lack. I'm not even referring to their psychomotor skills because anyone can learn skills .... its as if they don't actually learn clinical material but.... humanities and history.
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    Quote from StudentOfHealing
    I'm not sure what they lack. I'm not even referring to their psychomotor skills because anyone can learn skills .... its as if they don't actually learn clinical material but.... humanities and history.
    Oh Lord, here we go again.
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    It sounds like you really needed to vent some pent-up frustration, hope it helped you to let it out.

    Once you calm a bit, go back and re-read and see if you are approaching things the right way. If you do then it may be an indication to make a change.
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    I get so tired of getting on AN to see students insulting other levels of education. I see it going both ways.
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    I think the ADN vs BSN thing goes both ways. Many ADN students think their "way" is better, and many BSN students think their "way" is better. I'm a BSN student and I don't really care. As long as you can do your job properly I don't care what you are. If those students you mentioned turn out to be horrible nurses, it isn't your problem anyway, so don't get your undies in a wad worrying about it. I can't handle students "bragging" about how hard they have it compared to other students. You made your choice and they made theirs. I'm not necessarily directing that toward you, because I know this is a vent. Just sayin'.
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    Quote from wordsofmymouth
    I think the ADN vs BSN thing goes both ways. Many ADN students think their "way" is better, and many BSN students think their "way" is better.
    ADNs are mad at BSNs. BSNs are mad at ADNs. I would wager that 9 times out of 10 it's a matter of jealously: ADNs jealous of the BSN degree and BSNs mad that they are paying considerably more for their education to pass the same boards and do the same job. Masked jealousy.
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    I didn't mean to offend anyone... I was greatly offended by someone actually saying that my education is the equivalent of the education and training for a Certified Nurse Aide; in fact the remark alone speaks volumes about their own views of CNA's as it is. I only take offense to being compared to a CNA because for obvious reasons they are NOT equivalent. CNAs are worth GOLD and no hospital could function without them; but it's sad to think they think my sleepless nights doesn't allow me the knowledge/skills to be an RN in May when I graduate.
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