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I`m devastated.. This was my last semester.. 3 weeks away from graduation. What happened is I didn`t have my watch for clinical and that was a break in dress code.. and when I went to take a vital sign i was confronted with the... Read More

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    This sounds crazy. I am making the assumption this was in a hospital room....no clock in there, what the heck?I forget my darn watch half the time, I think you had a clever solution to use the cell. I am assuming that cells are probably banned in clinical or something and that is why you did not want it seen. Regardless, I suspect you got nervous about the whole thing, flustered, and that is why you had trouble counting and calculating the correct HR? There may be more to this story, perhaps you have been written up in the past or something, but from what you wrote it sounds like a serious overreaction. When I was in nursing school and we were being tested on doing glucometer checks, on ourselves, not in the hospital,I got very nervous about sticking my own finger. At the same time, my friend who went right before me also got flustered and used the insturment incorrectly. The instructor started screaming at her, and then screamed at me to go. I sat there frozen.....could not remember a thing. She started screaming at me too, that I was incompetent and on and on. I walked out of the room crying and I think I cried the whole way home. After that I was terrified to do a blood sugar check on a patient until finally, when I got my preceptor later in the program, she was supportive and understanding, amd before long I was whizzing around the floor doing all the glucometer checks for everyone. The point to this story? Sometimes nursing schools are strict about absurd things and all it does is fluster students and make them terrified, and you cannot do anything well when you are scared, including something as simple as a HR.

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    Maybe you should tell her (or in your letter) that you were 'nervous' about not having your watch. Apologize. Let her/them know that you did not know how to react. Let them also know that your instructor saying you 'falsified medical records' is a deep accusation, let them also know that this does not reflect you as a person.
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    Quote from 4boysmama
    I'm a bit befuddled as to how this one violation was grounds for dismissal. Doesn't your program have some sort of warning process? Or have you had warnings for other things, and this was a "last strike" sort of deal? If that's the case, then I'm sorry to say but you're probably out of options If there isn't a warning system in place, and this is truly the first infraction you've had in an otherwise great clinical performance, then I think you would be able to appeal the decision with the Dean and if you explain yourself well you have a decent chance of readmission. Good luck, in any case!!
    I have not had any strikes this semester.. I had a few "not mets" for writing my anecdote improperly and needing to re-do it but no serious write-ups. No warning.. just got call from administrator.. called into office to talk about "grave concerns about clinical performance" .. I honestly never even thought that something so simple as a watch could do so much damage BUT from the way the clinical instructor was talking she made it seem like a question of character/integrity.. that I falsified vital signs to cover up not having a watch.. i was shown in the worst light possible and I was so unprepared for it I just kind of stumbled though, got all tongue tied and cried. I don`t know how i`m supposed to prove I am honest and have integrity .. cuz the instructor is INSISTING that i`m lying and should just say the truth.. i`m like almost thinking of just agreeing to whatever she says just because I don`t know what else to do.. dean is on her side because she has a clear story.. her point of view is clear and when i am telling them what happened she stops me and says that is not true. how am i supposed to handle that. ugh. such a mess.
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    Why didn't you use the timer on the thermometer?
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    Oh my word, that is terrible! My dad is a doctor and he says he has a lot of respect for nurses but that he and a lot of doctors think that nurses have "sticks up their you-know-whats" when it comes to rules and that's one reason some docs don't respect nurses as much. I didn't really understand what he was talking about but I'm pretty sure this would be an example of it! I'm a senior in a program with an excellent reputation and we do not have uniform inspections, or at least I have never been checked for my watch, etc. I frequently forget mine! And we are allowed to have phones on the floor, for the most part it's actually EXPECTED because they provide us with a nursing software program with meds, injection sites, lab results etc. to be downloaded to our iPods or smartphones to use in the clinical setting.

    I agree with those who are advocating honesty. Rehearse what you would like to say until you can get all the through it calmly a few times. Write it down if you have to. Your clinical instructor's behavior sounds ridiculous. I would request a private meeting with the dean in this matter, or at the very least ask that the dean attend this disciplinary meeting. If she continues to interrupt you in front of the panel, I would say simply in as neutral a tone as possible something like "May I please be allowed/I would like to finish my statement without interruption?" I would hope that if she berates you like that in public, that some of the faculty on the panel would see how you could be too scared to admit that you forgot your watch!
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    I can`t meet with anyone anymore. The nursing administrator said she got my point of view.. but I still got a very strong impression that I wasn`t the one who she believed.. it`s up to the review board and when they meet. I`m not sure what I can do other then concentrate on my letter.. God.. if I can`t get back into this program my life is seriously going to be screwed up.. this is such a disappointing change.. no clinical.. no studying anymore.. I was just getting ready to study for a test on monday and I won`t be able to anymore .. ive never been so utterly desperate to just be able to take my test but now I won`t get that chance. I`m praying for this tonight.. and i`m not the praying type. I need all the luck i can get
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    I'll pray too.
    God, grant them the wisdom to know the difference, and let student 2001 continue in her studies.
    Hear our prayer.
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    Thank you!!!
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    This doesn't make any sense. I have never been in a hospital room without a clock, and if we are testing off on skills,
    we are allowed to pause and backtrack if we forgot something important, state as such and have not started the procedure yet
    (i.e. forgot alcohol swabs for giving a shot, for example).

    On pediatric patients, I've seen the floor nurses regularly not trust one pulse, and take another for comparison. Children are hard to count on accurately because of their squirming and noise. I've also seen them repeat temps and RR as well.

    Something else is up?
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    Bless your heart.. that is so tough to hear.. Nursing school is hard. As far as watches go, when I started nursing school 22 years ago, I was so afraid of that very thing, I bought a water-resistant timex, and NEVER took it off.. seriously.. in case I had to check someone's pulse at the shopping center, or something.. LOL even now, I have my watch on at all times.. it's an addiction.. LOL Back then, we had such a strict schedule, that we were all looking at our watches and checking our calendars and schedules, and panicking if there were even a chance that we would be late, because that was a very serious infraction.. I am hoping that things work out for you, and will send good thoughts. Also, I agree with the others, always own up to your mistakes.. but be true to yourself.
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