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I am so excited to start nursing school in may, but I just found out I do not get any government aid due to my father making too much money, and due to the fact that I am not yet 23. Hello, my father... Read More

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    yes I am still on my dads insurance That is the ONLY thing he helps me with, only bc it is the same price with or without me on it bc of my sister.
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    Good day:

    I'm trying to get over the sense of entitlement that moms and dads are such terrible people if they don't pay for their adult children's education vs. hoping that those fellow (though younger adults) will learn how to make it on their own.

    7 Easy Steps to the FAFSA: Student's Guide to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and Lancaster General College - Student Financial Services Presentation - Website are good tutorial presentations about FAFSA.

    While the recent open house tour I was on didn't concentrate on FAFSA, they did have a segment that went over if you are living away from your parents that you can be declared independent without regard to your age.

    When you apply for FAFSA, I'm told that you will automatically be enrolled for any grants your state may offer.

    You may also want to check out Fastweb : Scholarships, Financial Aid, Student Loans and Colleges for any scholarships or grants you maybe able to receive.

    I'm sure homework is being done in the financial aid area, but also look at what part time jobs you may be able to take while in school without compromising the grades you want to attain.

    Thank you.
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    Quote from pmabraham
    Good day:

    I'm trying to get over the sense of entitlement that moms and dads are such terrible people if they don't pay for their adult children's education vs. hoping that those fellow (though younger adults) will learn how to make it on their own.
    I don't think parents are horrible people for not paying for their children's education.

    What I do think is terrible is the "go get a free ride" mentality. Getting grants is not learning to make it on your own. It's taking tax payers money to pay your way. Why should I send your kid to college if you aren't even willing to do so, taking away funds from families who really and truly cannot afford to education their children?

    Gone are the days that people can work their way through school. Tuition is way too high. We're now DEBTING our way through school, and that's not the start in life I choose to give my children. Different strokes for different folks.
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    I'm not saying my dad is a terrible person for not helping me, but it would definitely be nice if he did. I work, I pay all of my bills, and I put myself through my pre-reqs without his help or financial aid. It's not about learning to take care of myself. I can already do that and have been since 18.

    It's about the fact that I'm going to have a large terrifying debt to pay as soon as a get my first job in my new career. Like someone else said, people are debting their way through because tuition is too high.

    Believe me if I could pay for it I would, but if I could pay for it I probably wouldn't be going to school to be a nurse because I would already have money!!

    It's just surprising to me that you have to be 23, or have a child, or be married to be considered "independent." I am still looking into ways around, but we will see. I will live if I do end up being in debt forever!

    As for the comment about other people paying people's tuition through grants because their parents just won't, I agree. It's not fair, my dad has plenty of money to help, he just chooses not to.
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    Quote from GrnTea
    I'd give them some pushback on that. Try again.
    PUSHBACK???!!!?!????!!!! I just lost my tea all over my iPad! Love it!!!!!!
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    Good day:

    As a tax payer for decades, I'm ok with portions of my tax dollars being used for grants and student aid.

    I do hope that the various school systems would look at ways to reduce their costs (i.e. do they really need this or that) to lower the cost of tuition; but that's another story.

    To the original thread poster, your dad maybe helping you more than you think. I cannot speak for all those in mid life, but I had student loans and what not to pay off when I went down college road years ago; and my wife and I will most likely have new debt if I get into nursing school (for which I'm hoping I get in).

    Check if you can appeal independent status; it sounds like you've been independent long enough.

    Thank you.
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    Thanks for your post. I definitely will look into appealing it.
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    Except the federal government bases aid on whether or not parents *can* pay, not whether or not they *will* pay.
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    Exactly. That is fair though in a round about way. Of course in my situation I'm still going to be upset about it lol.
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    @Kdrenee, I am 20 with no dependents & not married. I don't even fill out that FAFSA anymore because I was never getting any sort of grant or aid. I just apply for merit based scholarships from different organizations or companies, even my state. I think it is a better use of time.
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    To one of the other posters, not financing your child's education when you can afford to is not helping them. Setting them up for debt is more likely to make them financially stressed especially in this economy.
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    You need to check out the website. I believe you are dependent until you are 24, unless you have a dependent (child). You can appeal if you don't have a child and don't live with your parents. It is more paper, but can be done.
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    Quote from Kdrenee
    It's not fair, my dad has plenty of money to help, he just chooses not to.

    You know, I am sure my kids think the same of me, but what was laughingly called my retirement account took a 50% hit in the recent depression and isn't back yet. I bet I still look pretty good to them in my house but they have no idea how terrified I am about my financial situation, looking at retirement in a few years with very few resources. Unless you have seen all your parents' books you don't really know how it is for them. Just sayin'.