I am SO mad.

  1. A girl from nursing school that I have as a friend on Facebook made a post and checked-in/tagged her clinical rotation. She proceeded to post within the check-in that the smell of gangrene was nasty as ****. In her comments she said she could not wait to get HIM out of the hospital.

    This brings disgust to me. I am guilty of sharing my clinical woes with my mom in confidence but this girl is posting information with her NAME ... PIC ... While .... While .... Tagging the facility and speaking incredibly ill of a patient.

    What if that was MY grandpa? What if this man is about to lose his limb or what is left of a residual limb?

    There's a difference between venting and being a complete disrespect to the profession.

    I don't know if I am overreacting but it does make me slightly upset.

    Not only is she parading information she's making us look bad.
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  3. by   loriangel14
    That is indeed very disrespectful.She should be ashamed of herself and I wouldn't want her for my nurse.
    She needs to be careful posting stuff on FB.
    Have you considered telling someone at the school? She maybe needs to be spoken to.
  4. by   chwcbesteph
    NOOOO!!!!! This. is. awful. (Not to mention such a slippery slope to HIIPA violations, sheesh). How totally unprofessional.

    My strategy would be this: Bring up Facebook posting and the appropriateness of it up to an instructor in the form of a question. If they want to know if it's going on, they'll let you know.
  5. by   donk
    Wow that's horrible!! We are cautioned very strongly about social media and made to sign forms indicating that any such post would be a breech of confidentiality and holds serious repercussions. I would definitely speak to someone about it!
  6. by   jescalynn
    I would not be her friend on fb, block her she's going to go down and bring you too!
  7. by   ChristineN
    Wow if her school finds out she could be in a lot of trouble. Depending how close you are with her, I might suggest she try to keep patient information (even without identifying info) off fb.
  8. by   Sparrow91
    I would speak with her first and tell her of the seriousness of her actions if she does not seem to head your advice then I may take it to a supervisior.
  9. by   traumanurse2b?
    During our orientation my school really pounded it into our heads that we have to watch EVERYTHING we post everywhere online. Any badmouthing of the facilities, patient information, anything, could lead to dismissal from the program. They even recommended not adding people from the program as friends on our FB pages. I'm the type of person that will tell you if you are making a fool of yourself, so I personally would do that, but I understand if you wouldn't do that. Maybe just a quick message saying that her post is offensive and that she should think twice about posting things like that on the WORLD WIDE WEB and then delete her. I would be very bothered too if I saw a nurse or nursing student behaving that way.
  10. by   RLtinker
    That's a good way to get kicked out of NS. Face book and ns are not a good combination.
  11. by   StudentOfHealing
    I'm just afraid to steer the sea here. We aren't close or anything. We're acquaintances. So it would not seem appropriate me giving her "advice". I just can't get MYSELF to turn her in. I would want her to realise her ways before she is stripped of being a nurse forever. Because... It would be forever. All nursing schools would find out why she was dropped. My nursing program is merciless.

    I do have a Facebook for our cohort. It functions well. I cant tell you how many times weve reminded each other of due dates, study tips, and no one ever has posted anything about their clinical there. I have made a rule board. They know breaking those rules would mean they are gone from the group. I regulate well... I don't even allow politics .... As one girl tried. I quickly deleted her anti obama post. I would say irresponsible people plus Facebook don't make a good mix, not Facebook and NS. In addition the group has no school identification just our graduation year and degree abbreviation.

    Anyway... About this girl. I'm convinced she will eventually face an employer or even board of nursing if she doesn't clean up NOW.

    I will unfriend her... Asap.
  12. by   csoultz
    Even though this is totally unprofessional and uncalled for I would just leave it alone. She will sink her own ship eventually. No one was harmed so just let sleeping dogs lie. Trust me you DO NOT want to be deemed a "whistleblower" in this profession. Ive seen nurses get fired over it sadly and then get blackballed over it as well. So only tell on the super serious stuff.
  13. by   StudentOfHealing
    Yeah. I won't say a word. What a shame though, that bringing to light dark matters can only get one in trouble. I've made up my mind and I'm not saying a word.

    Thanks everyone.
  14. by   traumanurse2b?
    Quote from StudentOfHealing
    Yeah. I won't say a word. What a shame though, that bringing to light dark matters can only get one in trouble. I've made up my mind and I'm not saying a word.

    Thanks everyone.
    Good decision You might find out later that someone else chose to report her to the school. Either way, karma will catch her one day.