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as a new(ish) nurse, i still like to browse through the "student nurse" section of from time to time. what constantly strikes me is that i see the same questions and concerns over and... Read More

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    Thank you so much for all the great tips... I have been guilty of slumming at the local Barns n Noble at the NCLEX section already, though most was nonsensical to me - I have not started school yet. I am due to start school in Aug and definitly need all the tips and hints I can unearth. I have a 400mile commute and 4 children (all under 7) at home to contend with while going to school. I fully agree about the point of helping others being a great learing tool - 2 semesters of my wait list time I was a cadaver lab TA, great refresher.
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    I took notes! Thanks!
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    This was fantastic! Thank you!
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    I don't know how true that "C equals degree man, don't sweat it!" is today ... especially when the trend is having potential employers request transcripts sometimes. However, this was an excellent article, thank you! I am looking forward to seeing more updates!
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    Thank you very much for this!! I will be saving this under my favorites and refering back to it frequently!!! Thanks for sharing... and easing my worries!!
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    Loved this post!!! I finally finished all my prerequisites and begin Nursing school September 2011...this post was great!! I just got a job as a patient care tech on a med/surg unit and being that I have no prior patient care experience, I know this job will most likely be an eye opener! The part about you saying that the HR department LOVES seeing on your resume that you are going into nursing school HAS to be 100% correct. I have applied to this particular hospital about 3 times over the last few years with no call backs and this last time, I did put down that I was heading into nursing school. Wouldn't you know I got a call back within 2 days!!! My interview lasted 2 hours and they showed me around the floor and met everyone I will be working with. I can't even tell you how excited I am to FINALLY get in a hospital setting and work with patients. I am even shadowing a friend of mine who is a nurse next week. So happy to see it's just all starting to come together after working towards this for a while now! :heartbeat

    Once again, your post will be invaluable once I start to tackle the beast that is nursing school!
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    Wow, just... awesome! I'm in my first semester of nursing school and I LOVE it. This is a great article for anyone considering going into nursing school. I especially relate to the first part where you touch on the culture of the profession, couldn't be any more true. I always encourage my classmates or whoever wants to go into nursing to get some type of job at a hospital even volunteering because you really get a sense of the inner workings of a hospital. Oh and you get the opportunity to schmooze

    I definitely need to go get some NCLEX stuff. Although, we were required to buy this whole ATI kit (company that provides the TEAS test) which cost around $450 It has NCLEX style questions but I think I need to get something else to supplement cuz that's what it's about at the end of nursing school, passing boards and getting a job!

    Again, great, GREAT article!
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    You gave some practical tips for persons in or wanting to enter nursing school and should be commended for it. However, as a registered nurse one should be as professional as possible even in the modern eras. Therefore, all nurses should make an effort to learn to spell correctly and watch their language. One can be quite theatrical in comments and even make jokes without becoming lewd and vulgar. RN's are the leaders in the nursing arena so must be professional without being ancient and out of touch with the modern eras. For example, what I am saying is that if one is wearing scrubs it must compliment the figure, the tailored ones look real nice, therefore as trend setters, one would want to see us as efficient, caring, compassionate critical thinkers to be emulated.

    It is also important to keeping reading and be up to date with treatment modalities and be knowledgeable through out the career so that patients can be cared for competently. Again thanks for sharing with the nursing students.
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    Thank you for this posting. I actually saved it on my pc (and gave you props)! I was recently accepted to nursing school (I still can't believe it!). I will follow all of this tips through my years of school :-)
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    Congratulations on being chosen to enter nursing school. The zeal you know feel will help to get you through the years. I had entered nursing school at age 18 when our then tutors were harsh and hard and did not seek to guide but rather punish than encourage. I am happy to know that 32 years later so much has changed especially with the advent of technology.

    I am now a nurse educator/preceptor and am here to tell you that hard work pay off so just get a realistic time table going and try to do your assignments on time. Form a study group with serious positive persons that share your goals, be eager to learn by making yourself available in the clinical areas to enrich your learning, have a positive attitude and all will be well. If per chance you meet on a challenging situation, ask questions and do not react to nasty people because some persons do not know to be kind.Be enthusiastic and love your patients because even the difficult ones have fears. Since nursing school I continue to learn and grow to meet the needs of my clients and to help me to be an effective practitioner. God's guidance always.

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