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  1. laramyy

    How long till you received results?

    I just took boards yesterday. Many of my friends said they were posted on the state website the next day (PA), but mine were not there today. How long did it take for your results to be in?
  2. And if you do get it all situated... let us know! I'm graduating in a week and already applied for my temporary license. I would love to work at a camp! :)
  3. laramyy

    Where to start a carrer change to nursing-Pittsburgh

    I recommend a diploma program like St. Margaret's. You can take pre-req's/co-req's at CCAC before you start in order to have a leg up, but I do NOT recommend CCAC's nursing program. I am finishing it up in a week and it is so unorganized and frustrating. If you do a diploma program you will have more clinical experience, a higher pass rate on boards, and (basically) a guaranteed job at that hospital. Good luck!
  4. laramyy

    CCAC Spring 2013 hopefuls!

    Congratulations everyone!! I am in 202 right now (not sure what that means in the new curriculum, but I am in my second year), and I just wanted to let you know that although CCAC is unorganized and at times it will seem like you have no idea what's going on, it is definitely worth it. You will learn what you need in order to be a good nurse, and you will develop strong bonds with your classmates. It is a lot of work, but I have been able to work, get good grades, spend time with my husband, and even make it to a happy hour now and then. It's all what you make of it, and I have loved it all. Congratulations again, and good luck to you all!!
  5. laramyy

    CCAC Fall 2012 Applicants

    I know people who work 3 12s and are fine. (Keep in mind this is my program. I think they are restructuring things.) The second year is the difficult one since you have clinical two days a week. I know some people who have no choice but to work M-F and have clinicals Sat-Sun. That is definitely not for me! Sounds like you'll do just fine since you were able to keep up with your busy schedule before. I also have a friend who works overnights and is able to do well. It's different for everyone. If you think you're up for it then you probably are!
  6. laramyy

    CCAC Fall 2012 Applicants

    I am finishing up 102 evening/weekend. I work 40 hours and have been able to keep good grades. There are a lot of us in this situation in the evening/weekend program. Don't fret! You will get tired and have no life sometimes, but it's all right. Take it a semester at a time and you'll be done before you know it. Also, I recommend making copies of ALL paperwork you give them. They aren't the most organized. Good luck everyone!
  7. laramyy

    CCAC - Evening/Weekend

    Yes, for the second year you are able to choose whether you want Th/Fri or Sat/Sun clinicals. The director of the program seems to be giving everyone their preference. They do their best to give you what you want.
  8. laramyy

    CCAC - Evening/Weekend

    I am in Allegheny evening/weekend program right now. Here's what our schedule has looked like so far. (I'm finishing up my first year) 101 Lecture - Tues 5:30-8:00 Lab - Wed 5:00-9:00 Clinical - Wed 3-11 or Sat 7-3 102 Lecture - T 5:00-7:30 Lab - 5-6 or 6-7 or 7-8 Clinical - Fri 3-11 or Sat 7-3 or Sun 7-3 Working until 4:30 and attending the evening program is possible the first year. Keep in mind, though, that they have restructured the program for the incoming classes. If they keep it relatively the same you should be fine the first year. The second year, though, you will have clinical 2 days a week which means you would work M-F and have clinical both Sat/Sun. You probably won't be able to keep your schedule the last semester, though, because like the previous poster said you will be following your mentor's schedule. If you can work it out, though, it's definitely possible! Good luck!
  9. laramyy

    Lpn or rn: Really need help

    RN. You can do it!
  10. laramyy

    St. Margarets Nursing School

    Also, I believe that most diploma programs are designed to make it easy to transfer credits for a BSN. I don't know much about St. Margaret's, but I have heard nothing but good things.
  11. laramyy

    CCAC Nursing Program?

    Unless you are in a hurry to finish, I recommend finishing as many co-req's as you can. It can only help you!
  12. laramyy

    Ccac boyce fall 2011

    Our orientation is August 18. I have a friend who went through Boyce's program and said that it was very good!
  13. laramyy

    Ccac boyce fall 2011

    Congratulations!! I am starting in the fall also, but at Allegheny. My advice is to not worry or stress about it. It seems like a lot more than it actually is. Once you break it down it makes a lot more sense and is not that bad. You will need the following: * PA Child Abuse Clearance: $10 (There will be a form in the packet for you to send in with a money order) * Request for Criminal Record Check: $10 (Also a form with a money order) * FBI Fingerprinting: $33 (You will need to register online, print a form, and bring it to a site that does it. I went to FedEx) * CPR for healthcare professionals: They give you information on places to take it * Drug Screening: If you go to Concentra in Oakland it costs $60 and you can just walk in * Titers for MMR, Hep B, and Varicella: At the health department in Oakland it costs $85, or you can go to your PCP. The health department will take 3 weeks to get the results back. * 2 Step TB test: Free at the health department in Oakland. You will end up going 4 times. * Tdap Shot: if needed Once you have the titers and Tdap you can get your physical Just remember that it seems like a lot, but it is totally manageable! Make yourself a list and check them off as you finish them. If I can help in any other way just ask!
  14. laramyy

    Which school in Pittsburgh? RN or BSN?

    Hi! I don't have all the answers you are looking for but I thought I would just tell you what I am doing. I found that when I was trying to find a starting point hearing about other people's experiences helped. I do not have any degree, so I am starting at CCAC. It is a two-year program. After I pass the boards I plan to do a program at a university in order to go from RN to BSN in one year. I also work full-time and am low on funds, so I have found this to be the cheapest route. I know nurses who have gone through CCAC's program and found it to be competitive with the more expensive schools. Shadyside is a good school and will pay for your tuition. You have to commit to work for them for three years (I believe) after you finish. If you already have a degree this may be a good option for you. You get a diploma, can sit for the boards, and have a guaranteed job. Good luck!
  15. laramyy

    CCAC Fall 2011

    As always, thank you for the info Jason! I have a question, though. Did you buy your books before classes started? If so, how did you know which ones to get?
  16. laramyy

    people seem uninformed....

    There was an episode of This American Life where a group of dancers lost the lottery to a group of nurses. She said something to the effect of "Oh, look at us we change bed pans and poop all day. We deserve the lottery." Ira Glass replied "...and save lives!" Thank you, Ira!