How to stay awake studying?

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    Hi! What's the best way to stay awake when studying? I've heard of Viverin, but I guess it is probably mostly caffeine, huh? Then there's my friend who has gotten up at 3-4AM to study most of the time.... :hatparty:

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    Quote from wonderfulmom
    Hi! What's the best way to stay awake when studying? I've heard of Viverin, but I guess it is probably mostly caffeine, huh? Then there's my friend who has gotten up at 3-4AM to study most of the time.... :hatparty:
    Hey, wonderfulmom, I hear what you're saying. I too used to struggle with becoming easily drowsy when trying to study which, naturally, decreased my ability to concentrate. Took me awhile but I finally began to understand what my instructor had been telling my classmates and I over and over again......Take breaks! Take breaks between reading, get up and move around. Feed oxygen to your starved brain....get that heart pumping! I've now learned to sit for thirty or forty minutes, get up and move about (could be I'm simply folding laundry or something.....thing is, I get moving). Step outside and breathe in some fresh air....Like I said, oxygen!
    May I suggest you don't turn to Vivarin? I don't believe it's healthy and can actually make matters worse; much worse. Best thing to do is simply feed the brain.
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    That is good advice posted above. I myself go for the "waking up at 4 am" method. I wasn't given any tips in nursing school, so I found this worked the best for me.
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    I believe in "cat naps." My brain cannot function without sleep. Just last night I had to pull an all nighter. I studied from 6:30pm-12am, with small breaks in between. I went to bed at 12am and set my alarm for 1:30. BY 1:30, I was ready to go again. Went back to sleep at 5:30 and awoke at 8am, dressed and arrived at school at 9:am, and studied until my 11am test. Of course, I had to crash for a few hours when I got home at 5:30. Good luck.
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    These are interesting ideas...I will have to try them before nursing school and see what works best for me!!!!! I know one thing I have 2 children and by 8 or 9 PM I am bushed and it's hard to study at that time when you are weary......I know an RN who uses No Doz in a pinch at work when she's tired, but I have such a high tolerance to caffiene as it is because I am a coffee freak that I don't know how much that would help me!!!!! Anyone else have any more ideas?
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    P.S. been accepted to RN school and I'm going in the fall. I am reviewing the first anatomy though, because I am an older student and took it 10 years ago!!!! Good luck y'all!!!!
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    sometimes I excersice at night. 30 min of cardio keeps me awake for at least another 2 hours
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    I have noticed that its better for me if I listen to my body. I am a night person, if I try and study between 2pm -5pm during the day its a helpless cause, I retain nothing, all I can think about is taking a nap. I do much better late at night and mornings before noon. Unfortunatly most of my tests this last semester where between 1pm-5pm
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    A friend of mine recommended trying "Royal Jelly" I am willing to try almost anything at this point (LOL!). Tried getting up at 4:00 AM today. Was exhausted by 6:00 AM but that's because I didn't go to bed early enough the night before!
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    I started a thread with a similiar title back in August, so doing a search might yield some more answers. I like the idea of "feeding you brain," although I personally also use caffiene pills. I take No-Doz, usually only one per day *if I need it*. I don't take them every day, and lately, I've only taken them when doing hard-core studying for a test. I don't reccommend them for everyone, but it's either that or down Pepsi, which is way too much sugar for me! I also try to exercise at night, too, because that wakes me up. Washing your face when you get sleepy may work, especially if you use cold water. But, if all else fails, take a nap. I see no point in forcing myself to stay awake when I'm not going to retain anny of the information I just read.


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