How to spend this summer

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    Okay so heres the deal. I am at a loss of what to do over this summer. My first semester of nursing school starts at the end of August and I'm wanting to know some things that I can do to not so much "get ahead" but learn. I know that the majority of people are going to say "just take it easy and enjoy your summer, school will come soon enough, enjoy your freedom, something about burnout, etc." but I don't see any of those being an option; that is just not how I am. The problem is I love to learn. I have already been exercising daily, volunteering at a local hospital emergency department, and just reading about anything that strikes my fancy. So does anyone have any recommendations as to what I can do or teach myself to fill in these last 7 weeks? So far I have completely reviewed all anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology. I've also taught myself and did numerous practice questions for ABGs, EKG interpretation and anything to do with the blood & the heart, all forms of drug dosages, and lab values. Any ideas anyone?

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    Learn card tricks. That's what I've been doing. I'm not even joking.. when I'm watching A&P vids, I'll just practice. It's quite entertaining.
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    Haha, that genuinely made me laugh. I would have never thought of card tricks. I might look into that.
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    Plan out meals, spend time with friends that you won't be seeing much of for 2-3 years, take a trip if at all possible. Anything you can do to help your time management while in the program will be good.
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    Quote from jwalker03
    Haha, that genuinely made me laugh. I would have never thought of card tricks. I might look into that.
    You should. It's a great way to keep yourself entertained and makes for awesome study breaks.
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    Also, engaging additional senses or a motor component to your learning may actually help you retain the material better! It is actually one of the techniques used for some children with learning disabilities.
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    Well you covered everything I would have suggested (dosage calc and common lab values). There really isn't any other way to prepare. Do you have your study room all organized? That could be a fun distraction. I was the same way last summer, just couldn't wait to get started! I am taking psych nursing now and I get a short break before fall semester, and I can promise you I will be in no hurry to get back!
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    You sound a little like me. Everyone told me to relax during the summers but I took classes and got a jump on the next semester of nursing school. Now that I have graduated I do see that I could have added a little relaxation into my off times.

    Either way, if you want study from the textbook that you will be using for the first semester of nursing school. if you are taking fundamentals first then read all about physical assessments, bed baths, and med administration. If you take med/surg first then study the major conditions or diseases like diabetes, CHF, and hypertension.

    Do try to relax a little. You may look back and wish you didn't make it so hard on yourself.
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    If I could go back, I would have use that time to relax and have fun. Spend time with friends/family. Exercise. Maybe even travel. Once school starts, those things listed are a luxury to achieve at times.
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    Fortunately I've been to more places than I can count (military brat and served 6 years myself). Also this IS fun to me sadly.

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