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On a per month basis, what's the total cost (avg is fine) of your nursing education? Please include all school costs such as tuition, food, transportation, books, gear, etc Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share... Read More

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    Since I don't qualify for financial aid and have to work FT (60hrs/biwkly) to pay for my own schooling, my finances:
    -Pre-Reqs at my CC ~$4500 plus books, gas, the occasional dining hall salad.
    -4 semesters ADN $97/credit is about $3589 tuition plus a few thousand in books and supplies.

    Then there's clinical, AHH CPR, background check fee, insurance fee, etc. Luckily at my old job, we used scrubs and I got my CNA before starting nursing school so I have most of the equipment required like BP cuff, stethoscope, white uniform, etc. I only have to purchase the Nursing patch for $5 at the bookstore
    I'm very lucky to be at the best CC in the States (Extra points if you can guess which one!) and I've met many nurses in various fields. My dream is L&D or NICU and I met a nurse that works at my school that also works in the unit at the hospital I want to eventually work/retire from so she'll be my "in". I was worried about not being able to afford a BSN and she told me that I should be safe with just my ADN- she works with many ADN nurses and makes the same as them (BTW, she has a BSN AND Master's); they're co-workers so they're obviously hiring ADNs. This took some pressure off because living cost in our city is VERY HIGH. I may get my BSN later in life if I see it's necessary but some facilities look at experience, references and drive/potential rather than if you have a BSN or ADN.
    I'm JUST starting out and the hole in my pocket will be huge in the end, but that nice cut salary will fix that in the first 2yrs Total cost estimated around $10-12k. Not bad for nursing school...
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    I go to a community college in Southeastern Kansas, and my entire 4-semester program will cost me a little over 8K, which includes books, tuition, lab fees, ATI fees, etc. The pass rate for my program is right about 93% for first-time NCLEX takers, I think that's pretty good.
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    I'm currently studying a Bachelor Degree in Nursing and Paremedicine, and that costs about AUD $3,900 per semester, and my course goes for about 4 years (so about $31 200 by the end of it). Then on top of that I have a $380 Paramedic uniform, a set of nursing scrubs, $574 worth of textbooks, $150 per week living allowance, $270 per week rent, plus costs for various other utilities. I'm using the HECS system though, so I won't have to pay the course fees until I start working as an RN (or paramedic). Then all I have to do is pay it off week by week for the rest of my life.
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    Mine is around the same at U of Delaware at about $6500... Parking alone is over $100 for the semester but I try to offset the costs of books by purchasing them used at

    I will even get the previous edition, such as Fundamentals of Nursing. Current edition $80, previous $6 with the same content and just different cover and a few "updated pics"... Its also good to ask the professor if this is ok and most often, they will say that it is. I even had teachers tell you not to even waste money on the book as they dont even use it, such as my Biochem prof did.

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