How much is your nursing school expenses?

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    On a per month basis, what's the total cost (avg is fine) of your nursing education? Please include all school costs such as tuition, food, transportation, books, gear, etc

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    I think each semester totals up to almost 5K with car expenses (parking, gas etc.), books (of course I buy them all old editions online), school supplies, lab kit, uniform and coat, then of course tuition and fees

    Its a 5 semester program so itll end up being around 25k in loans at the end

    but you said monthly (each sem has about 5 months) so each month is like $1,000 and I work at the same time (only making abt $400 a month) but thats for my food/clothes/whatever else I need ...

    But Im blessed to be at a public school in tx - imagine if I were in NY in a private school - tuition is 3X as much over there *gasp*
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    I went to CC so it was pretty cheap for tuition 5k total. But what really gets pricey are all the EXTRA things that you need. Every semester the list just got longer and longer.

    Of course now that I am completing my RN-BSN it costs A LOT more!
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    in Ontario the rpn-bscn bridge is about 7,000 each year plus books and lab materials and uniform requirements... I'd say $1000 per month here as well! interesting!
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    Tuition ~$1,000 per semester over 4 semesters at my community college program, books ~$150 per semester getting mostly older editions online, parking for clinical ~$60 per month, food while at school/clinical $100 per month (this could be reduced if I spent time to prepare lunch vs studying/researching my patient), gas to class and clinical ~$60 per month. Food, gas, and parking could all be done more cheaply but less conveniently.

    Over the 16 months of class, that adds up to $8120, about $500 per month added to whatever you're already spending in life, such as housing, food outside of school, basic life expenses and hopefully the occasional bit of fun. Average out the cost over the 21 months of the program (August 2012 through May 2014, with a month off each December and 3 months off over the summer) and you get $387 per month, since the above expenses don't hit on the months off.

    So far I've been able to remain full time at my job, but only because I work 3rd shift and have lots of down time, and then have a chance to nap before class starts. If I ever feel working so much is hurting my school performance I'll drop my hours, but for now I'm hoping to remain full time throughout the program. I have another coworker that works 2nd shift and is staying full time while in a BSN program. I'm not sure I'd want to attempt that, as it seems much tougher for him, particularly with less down time on 2nd shift, but with his need to support his family he doesn't have many alternatives.
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    HA! I go to a private Christian university in California and tuition is $1,000 PER UNIT on top of an addition $1000 in textbooks for the first semester, and another $1300 in nursing program fees per semester. :-(
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    Mine will cost me a little over $1000 a semester for the class alone and about $150 for books per semester $ 25 for parking pass for the entire school year then $240 a month for daycare for my little one which comes out to almost another $1000 per semester Then of course the extras like uniforms etc. I will estimate it around $10,000 for nursing school alone then the year of pre-reqs I would estimate around $7420 . Giving me a grand total of about $17500
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    Thank you stars and pray for me, please! Trying to pay my own way through school, without loans, in NY, is kind of like a sure path to insanity. Good luck!!
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    I am paying $1,650 per CREDIT, books this next term are about $1,200. Working on a masters.
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    $6000+ per semester for the course. Also have to pay for books, parking, scrubs etc.
    Sadly..... this is at a CC college for an ADN program so I will then have to pay for an RN-BSN bridge program.

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