How Much Free Time Do You Have?

  1. I'm sure it depends on the individual and the school program, so I'm curious!

    How much free time do you find yourself having? In other words, how much time do you have when you're NOT actually in school or working in the clinic?

    Do you spend the time studying? Working a side job?

    I'm in the military and want to go to nursing school afterward, but I'm also wanting to spend time in the hobby I love, horseback riding. Both horses and school need a lot of time however!
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  3. by   Skips
    I do not work.

    I am married with a child, so my free time is basically spent with them. Or cleaning the house. I got to play a video game for about an hour total since last Sunday. (: Games take up a lot of time, but I was totally prepared to give that up this semester, since it's especially busy. I have less free time since I'm going to bed early. I would usually have my free time after my son went to bed, but now I'm going to bed at the same time as him. So not much time to myself.

    I had more free time the past two semesters than I have now.
  4. by   Camwill
    I would say there is little to no free time. Example 2nd semester and school starts next week and we were emailed the readings needed for it... 8 chapters for one class, 6 chapters for another class, and 4 for another....all my time is spent reading. We started with 42 and are down to 35. Some tried not to read everything. Said it took to much time if you can speed read you may have a lot of time, otherwise prepare to make friends with a comfortable chair
  5. by   Stephalump
    I spend about 5 hours a week in lecture, 2 hours in lab, and 10 hours in clinical, so around 17 hours a week are spent at school or the hospital.

    I spend around 10 hours a week on homework, clinical paperwork, and reading, and an average of 10 hours a week studying for tests.

    So I'm doing school related stuff maybe 40 hours a week out of approximately 120 waking hours. I have a husband and kids and a house to run, so I spend most of my time with them, but there is definitely time for hobbies in my case. My nursing school hobby is Netflix and wine. Not quite as noble as horseback riding :-)
  6. by   DnvrOutdoorsRN
    I'd say learn to use your time wisely and organize. Make time for your hobby, some might disagree with me but I believe it helps with your mental health during nursing school and provides balance. I did an ABSN program, worked incredibly hard but still found time to go to the gym, bike and snowboard. I used those things to get away from the stresses of school. Most weekends, if I wasn't in clinical, I didn't work on school related things unless absoutlely necessary. I wasn't going to give up my other pursuits entirely to read every word assigned from class.
  7. by   cas15
    It depends on the school/program but mostly YOUR schedule. I am a sophomore BSN student who (as of this semester) does not have a full-time job. I am, however, a wife, mother, Nana and I have friends and other obligations. I use my free-time to spend with my family or do something for myself. You have to get away from the studying...even if it's for one hour or 10 minutes. If you don't you will burn out...very, very quickly!

    Organize your time so you can use it wisely! For example, at the beginning of each semester, I write down my school schedule and the time that I will need to study for each class, clinicals, travel time, etc...write down everything you have to do for school. Then pencil things in your have to do for life, i.e., cleaning, laundry, work, etc. After that, I pencil time in to spend with my family and friends. If you have a good support system, they will understand your time is valuable and not very flexible.

    Above all, if you want to be a nurse, really, really be a nurse, you will make sacrifices. But don't make too many to where you'll get burnt out and not have any sanity.

    Good luck!
  8. by   Bouncyball
    I spend 34 hours a week between lecture, clinicals, and driving time.

    At home I spend about 6-8 combined hours working on prep sheets for my 2 clinical days. On non clinical days I spend 2-3 hours a day studying, and maybe another 6 hours a week doing homework.
  9. by   RNstudent13renee
    I'm in class for 7 hours a week, I have clincal for 8 hours every other week and then practice labs twice a week for an hour. So overall about 13 hours actual class time per week, on average. It doesn't sound like much but they have it stacked up so that I really don't have much real free time. When I'm not in class there is always something I could and should be doing, studying, practicing, etc. Reading takes up most of my time. I feel like if I stop for free time (which I have been doing) that I'm getting behind. Its hard to let myself do things extra that doesn't relate to school. That being said, I haven't even started clincal yet, so I haven't calculated in all the time needed for careplans and meeting the patients the nigh before. I also do not have a job, and I'm very thankful that I don't.

    I think getting organized helps a LOT. I never was in prereqs but now I realize how much it helps. My program helps out with that as well, with a calendar basically stating every single thing we should be doing regarding class/studying each day except weekends. Its very helpful. Its really all about prioritization and using your time wisely.
  10. by   RNpearls1908
    Zero time lol. The free time I end up getting I end up using it to sleep or watch tv while studying. I'm not working but I am in a accelerated program. This time I was partying it up n traveling and now school has taken over my life. No complaints tho still excited to become an RN
  11. by   Compassion_x
    I spend 10 hours in class (including labs), 12 hours in clinicals, and 20 hours at work. Which leaves me with approximately 70 hours of "free time," excluding sleep if I get 8 hours per night. I'm not sure how much time I spend studying or doing homework etc., so I can't narrow it down any further lol.