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how many semesters is your nursing program and does this includes the summer term as well? if you are already in the program, let us know what semester you are in as well. (trying to make... Read More

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    At the CC I'm attending, the ADN program is 7 quarters and you work thru the summers (program starts Fall and Spring quarters). Entry is by points (based on classes taken and your grades), so the more pre-reqs you have the better chance you have at getting in. I still have Fall and Winter classes (2 quarters of A&P) before I will apply to start Spring 2003. That puts my graduation at Dec. 2005. Eeeesh!

    Alison, NAC & future CRNA (I hope!)
    in Eastern WA

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    My school has a 5 semester program. I'm going Fall, Spring, Summer, then Fall, Spring.

    At the end of the summer session, if we want, we can take the NCLEX-PN to become a LPN, and stop there. Or we can go two more semesters, and take the NCLEX-RN, and graduate with an associates degree. I'm planning on becoming LPN, then switching jobs to a part-time nursing position while doing my last two RN semesters.
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    My program is 5 semesters for the nursing part and however many it takes you to finish the general education part. I'm told it's a 4 year program, but I've yet to know anyone who accomplished that.

    I start my first nursing semester in august. I will graduate in December 2004. Ugh!
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    Attending a 4 year University but for me it will only take 5 semesters 1 summer of nursing classes... I had most of the classes to satisfy the BSN curriculum...
    If you are entering as a freshman, God help you! Because there's no saying when you'll get out!... lol
    Well I guess we all have the courage since we are choosing a profession that's not so easy... to put up with. I do truly believe that nursing (in some ways) is a calling...
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    I attend a 2 year junior college. I am in the RN program it lasts
    2 full years or 6 semesters so we go all the way without breaks.
    It has been tiring, but I'd rather do it that way and get it over with.
    I am in my last semester-hooray! I graduate 8/7/02. :roll :roll
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    I'm in a BSN program here in Texas, and the nursing classes are 4 semesters. Although, most people take 5 so that you don't have to do your electives along with your other classes. So, next summer, I'll do my two electives. I haven't decided which ones I will take, but thankfully I don't have to decide now.
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    You have to go all 5 semesters even though you're an LPN?

    Peace & Happy Nursing~Angie
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    originally posted by nurseangie
    you have to go all 5 semesters even though you're an lpn?

    peace & happy nursing~angie
    hi angie,
    no, i did not have to. i choose to. at the school i am attending, there are two different programs. generic, it is 5 semesters and lpn mobility, which is 4 semesters. the other differences are, in the generic, you actually take the fundamentals of nursing class, and with the lpn mobility, you clep out of it and of course with the lpn mobility, you take a transitional class from already "being" an lpn to begin to "function" as an rn.
    the last three semesters are the same for both we are only talking about one extra semester, as i see it and i know several lpns who decided to go through this route as well.

    the other different the generic being 5 semester starts every fall and the lpn mobility starts every spring, so i felt that i needed the class a refresher for me instead of just taking the clep exam.

    i want to "start fresh" if you will. both program (me (an lpn) starting this august 2002 and the lpns, starting in january 2003) will graduate may 2004.

    there are some schools in our state takes 5 semester to complete regardless if you are an lpn or not and this school i know of is the one i withdrew from this pass spring 2002, not because of this but personal problems. on the other hand, there is the school that i went to lpn school at has a mobility program for lpns and it takes 3 semesters full time and 6 semesters part times, but it is the distance that stands in the way for me.

    i am long winded....sorry!
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    7 quarters of core nursing here in ohio at my cc. i'm in my 4th quarter (psych nursing) and will grad june 6, 2003
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    Hey girl,
    Thank you for your answer to my question. I am also going back through the entire program since I am choosing not to work LTC/nursing homes at this point to meet the program requirement of one year work experience in the past 3 years...I did not work any of the 3years that I was in Italy. I am not complaining....I look forward to classes and I am under NO stress to pass NCLEX-PN boards since I am already licensed. :roll

    I am also beginning classes in August and I'm due to graduate in May 2004. I'd love to keep in touch with you since we're doing the same thing.

    All My Best,

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