How long is your commute to nursing school? How long is your commute to nursing school? - pg.5 | allnurses

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How long is your commute to nursing school? - page 6

I just want some insight on everyone else's experience. I live in the suburbs of Cleveland, and it takes me about 30-45 minutes to get to my lectures/clinical sights depending on traffic.... Read More

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    1.5 hours one way, no traffic. My first semster was online, I only had to drive down 2 times. This semester every Monday and whenever clinicals are assigned.
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    Quote from Miiki

    That would be a nice jog every morning!
    Yeaaaa...I think I'm a little lazy for that one!! But it really would! Would be nice. :-) I might try a bike ride instead.
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    35 - 45 mins
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    15-20 mins depending on traffic.
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    School is less than 10 minutes away. My clinical sites are anywhere from 20 minutes to about 2 hours away.
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    i am just transferring for my final semester of prerequisites, and my commute is 45 minutes. Ugh, lol, i hate long drives.
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    About 3 minutes, lol. I live right around the corner from my school. The furthest I have to travel for clinicals is about 25 minutes.