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We aren't allowed to bring anything to clinicals that we can't really tote around in our scrubs. It's kind of tough w/everything we use though! I don't bring my car to school (I share w/my... Read More

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    Quote from kk83
    Those of you that carry drug books too, I don't know how you do it!

    If you are carrying a touch, then download a drug app.

    I had that problem of not enough pockets while I was in school as well. I simply sewed more pockets on my scrubs. Our school scrubs only had a chest pocket and a cargo pant pocket. I added two shirt front pocket and another cargo pant pocket.

    Another handy thing is sewing on a strap with a snap attachment. Then you can loop your hemos, scissors, hand sani (in a pouch) through them.

    Honestly I need to design scrubs, especially for males.
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    I stopped carrying so much crap. Half the things on your list either are available on the floor or I simply don't use often enough to carry with me. Generally all I need is a stethoscope, pen, flash lite, bandage scissors, and a little notepad. Drug books: most hospitals now have online forumularies. To be honest I'd rather go with their resource than a book I chose, on the rare chance the information is different: I want to back up my action with what the hospital's own resource said is correct. Wipes and hand sanitizer have always been available everywhere I visited. I've never had a single cause to use a hemostat, and neither have any of my clinical classmates that I know of. Clipboards are nice, but some places don't want you to use them -- either out of limited storage space, infection control, or other reasons.
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    With all the things I carry, I at times, feel like I need a fanny-pack!
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    Left inner pocket, in an organizer my sister got me: pen, penlight, scissors, credit card, ID, bus pass. Hair pins, too - I slip them through the holes in the accudose envelopes, so I can pin together all of a patient's next meds.

    Left outer pocket: patient reports, folded in fours. You write the notes you need on the back of them. a very small, very thin notebook to transcribe anything I want to take home with me. Alcohol wipes, adhesive wipes, a couple of flushes

    Right inner pocket: MP3 player, headphones coiled up and banded to the player so there's no wild tangles to deal with. Chapstick.

    Right outer pocket: Stethoscope...I used to keep it around my neck, until I leaned forward and it cracked a lady in the face. Since you have to take a BP cuff, you could keep it there and wear the steth around your neck.

    You should probably keep your inhaler in your coat pocket. I don't know why you need the hand santizer, since there should be a sink, soap, and a hand sanitizer in each patient's room, plus more in the halls. Even if every nurse on the floor needs sanitizer, it takes all of two seconds to use the dispensors. If you need cough drops, keep just one in your pocket at a time, and leave the rest in your coat.

    On all the floors I've been on, there is either a BP cuff in the pts. room, or you use a dynamap. My school told us to not bring our own cuffs, since they couldn't be sure of calibration.

    I can't believe they make you carry around a BP cuff! At least stethoscopes, you can clean with clorox wipes. Nothing ever gets that tough fabric of a cuff clean.

    Ick, ick, ick, ick.
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