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My first day of nursing school is July 8th. The calendar is in terms so I have two classes until the fall. The two classes that I have are A&P 1 and college algebra. From your experience did they assign homework on the first day... Read More

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    Very few of my pre-req classes assigned homework. There was readings and self teachings that I needed to following through with on a regular basis though. It really depends on your program. Mine we were graded purely on our tests.
    I had no hw in either A&P I or A&P II. My grades were based on my lab exam scores and my lecture exam scores. I started my 'portfolio' right after the first class. This was where I took pics. of the models, printed and labeled them, and started memorizing/learning the structures and I also made TONS of note cards. You can't get behind in these classes.
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    Quote from moonchild86
    This is kind of rude-- she wasn't complaining about having homework. She was asking what to expect on her first day.

    I don't understand while people here have to be so condescending.
    Because for a lot of people it's better to get a sharp reality check before you're in trouble than afterward.
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    I took A&P online through U of Memphis. We were given a syllabus and a calendar for all due dates. Our first assignment was a "What Kind of Learner Are You?" activity. It was a way for the professor to get to know us better since he was teaching over the computer. There was a lot of reading from the text and lab text, written assignments, experiments, quizzes, and tests. We had a quiz every week and a test every other week. My course was very organized and I wrote down everything in my personal calendar.

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