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    I think nursing school might have finally put me over the edge, because I've fallen madly in love with Med-Surg! Everyone around me hates it but I can't wait for clinicals and at the end of the day I don't want to leave. I can't say that I haven't enjoyed or learned a lot in my other rotations but med-surg is amazing.

    It blows me away how varied the patient census is and I can go from chest pain in one bed to a patient with a hip replacement in the other. I'm constantly busy and need to (finally) use the information I've learned in lecture. The funny thing is that I was dreading this rotation and I have an instructor that has a reputation of being hard and has failed numerous students. I think she's amazing, tough but brilliant. I love that she challenges us and really expects a lot. In return she raised the bar and showed us so much. I feel luck to have had her there is no doubt in my mind that she has taught me things that I will always remember and she has started me down the road to become a great nurse.

    Everyone keeps telling me this isn't the place to be, and the burn-out rate is high. They say get the experience there then leave. So my question is: is this a "fling" or can someone have a lasting relationship with med-surg?
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    This give me so much hope!! I start my med-surg rotation in September and I've heard a lot of negative things from previous students in my program and how much they disliked it. I'm really hoping it will be a great place to become more comfortable with my skills and learn time management and prioritizing. I've been looking forward to this rotation and am so relieved to finally hear that someone loves it!! I'm glad you're enjoying your experience there!!
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    Each person is different. If that area is what you like then go for it. Worst case a few years later you change you're mind, and transfer somewhere else. That's one of the many joys of being a nurse, you can work anywhere haha. Some people are drawn to different areas and that's great. We need nurses in all departments so do what you feel drawn to. I was reading a thread the other day about psych nursing where some loved it and others hated it. Each is an ok answer because there are other areas to work too. When it comes to the more fast paced stuff all I can say is this; my Aunt (RN for 40 years) said she would never leave the ER after she graduated from nursing school. But today she works home health, life can change your outlook over time. Other factors add in too, like where you're working and family and many other things. So I say if its your passion go for it and enjoy. I seemed to ramble a bit, sorry. Hope I was able to help though.
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    I worked med-surg for five years and loved it. It is a tough place to be because your patient census is so varied that often you can have a lot of isolation patients, detoxes, etc but it is fantastic for building a strong foundation of varied conditions. I saw everything from CP to snake bites to cancers to hallucinating post-op knees. I too had an instructor that was intense and I bloomed under her. She challenged me to be strong and I was, which gave me an A in her clinical.

    Enjoy it!

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    I'm happy for you. I don't know why people are so down on med surg. I've been a med-surg nurse for two years now. The variety of patients and the knowledge you'll gain is invaluable. I think the variety and number of patients you care for is what scares people away. You really have to be a generalist and know a bit about all sorts of disease processes.
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    Congrats on finding your nitch Most new grad RNs will start in Med Surg or Telemetry and you don't have to worry because you love it
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    It's "heels," and "niche," and you are off to a great start. What you learn there, about a variety of things, assessment, patient support, family, meds, diagnostics, the whole ball o' wax, you can use anywhere. Have fun, lucky girl!
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    Yeah, everyone moans and groans over it but you see such a variety. Maybe people resent being forced to do anything, and the growing opinion I am getting is that we have to do med-surg in the beginning of our careers, so people just dislike it by default. I think it will be a cool experience if I end up there though.
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    I can't say I'm head over heels in love with med/surg, I can say I do like it. I wouldn't be disappointed with med/surg as my first position.

    I'm nuts over peds/L&D. But I could see myself as a med/surg nurse and being fine with it. I like the variety of different ailments/illness/injuries on the floor. Keeps me on my toes.
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    We were always given the impression as a new grad that med/surg floors are where you start. I know now that isn't entirely true but I can see why it would be the first place to go to "continue" your education past nursing school. Until this thread, I had no idea that there are those who are scared of or dread med/surg....in my mind med/surg IS Nursing and everything else is specialty that you eventually grow into. Kudos to you for "falling in love" with med/surg nursing. Best of luck!!

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