Grades or a Job - Decisions

  1. I went on an interview today for a non-licensed position in radiology. I didn't actually apply for the job, but they pulled me out of "the file" (Yes, the file is real! I always thought it was code for "the trash) and called me in. It's not the expected CNA or ER tech job, but it's the only call I've gotten.

    Anyway I'm pretty sure I got they job. They were really excited at the idea of having me, gushed about how perfect I'd be, introduced me to people, and told me I'd hear from them in a day or two to discuss salary and all that.

    My problem is that it's a full time weekend job. I don't currently work outside of kids and husband and home, and I've managed to maintain all As. I think that would be impossible doing this job during my second year.

    Normally school is my priority and I'm anal retentive about my grades, but the ADN job market in my town is awful. None of this year's graduates have received calls or interviews...unless they already worked for a hospital. The recruiter I spoke with told me they only accept BSNs into their GN program, but they make exceptions for employees.

    In a year, this has been the ONLY call/interview I've gotten, and I'm afraid if I receive an offer and turn it down, I'll regret it. But I'm also afraid I'll ruin any chances of graduate school in the future or worse - fail out. Or, best case scenario, they love me and let me cut back my hours.

    Any thoughts? If they call tomorrow I don't know what the heck I'll say!
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  3. by   zoe92
    I would take it. In an area like yours where ADNs do not get a lot of job opportunities, it is important to get your foot in the door & get some experience. Make tha connection with the hospital, especially since they sought you out.
    I've read your other posts & interacted with you before... I know you will not fail out. Time management will be key, but you already know that after being in school & having to still raise a family. I say... Go for it!!
  4. by   Katie71275
    I would also take it! You will do fine. I was doing weekends only also for a while until final quarter when things just got way too crazy for work, but I was able to maintain my A-B average just fine.
  5. by   rngraduate2014
    It is true that your grades will suffer but if you believe you can hold it together you will. The only doubt that you have to get over is yours. You will be beyond exhausted to put in the additional study time that you are use to having know that will vaporize with the mommy can you and mommy look at this, but the only thing that can honestly stop you is you. So the question is what can you do? Good luck with what ever you choose. I am a married mother of 4(so 5) and work 3 prn jobs. But I don't work more than 20-22 hrs a week. I am in my 2nd half of 2nd semester of an ADN program.
  6. by   Live.&.Learn
    It sucks...I have 3 kids at home, finishing up 2nd semester and work all weekend. Right about now I'm losing my mind, and my grades reflect this. However, it's only a year of can do it! I would try it out, you may not get the chance again. I turned down an aide job in BH last year and sometimes wish I had just gone for it.
  7. by   daisygarten
    The experience and networking would be great. I understand your reluctance though, leaving the family on the weekends is not the best feeling.
  8. by   Stephalump
    Hey, thanks everyone! I got the call today and was offered the job! I followed the advice of pretty much everyone I spoke to and went ahead and accepted the job. I'm excited because this could absolutely save my behind when it comes time to graduate, but still really nervous about the time commitment.

    Summer is almost here though, and it'll be nice to just have to work two days a week and spend 5 with my kiddos. And my husband offered to take a half day off of work on Fridays so we can spend it alone together. So I'm feeling positive about things.

    Thanks everyone for your advice and support!
  9. by   zoe92
    Congrats, Steph! I think it works out great how you will get the summer to transition.
  10. by   nurseprnRN
    You know, special procedures/radiology needs RNs...just a thought for later... keep your eyes and mind open and learn all you can ...
  11. by   Double-Helix
    I know you're a regular here on these boards, and I've enjoyed reading your helpful posts. It's allowed me to learn a few things about you.

    You're bright, level-headed, mature and responsible. You're concerned about doing well and you put in the effort to do so. Nursing is important to you- both in your personal career and the nursing profession as a whole. You understand what it takes to be successful and you're willing to do what it takes. I have no doubt that you can also successfully balance nursing school and a job. You can have both and be successful at both. There are many students who must work and go to school, and many do so while achieving Summa Cum Laude and Cum Laude status. Congratulations on your job!
  12. by   mshaffer16
    Take the job! The experience and an "in" is what you need!

    I am in my 2nd semester, have 7 children and a husband (only 4 kids left at home now), I work two 12's every weekend, I am a nursing peer tutor, nursing student advisory board member and Vice President of the student nurse association. I maintain A's and high-B's in school... remember, C=RN
  13. by   MierKat
    Stephalump, I went to grad school part-time while working 45+ hours a week. I had two kids in elementary school and a non-helpful spouse (with a serious, potentially fatal diagnosis around the same time). So my tips are to use your earnings to outsource as much as you can and prioritize. Hire a cleaning person, a "mothers' helper" or get pre-made meals from Costco or Whole Foods or something like that. Have groceries delivered via amazon dot com or safeway. Cut corners wherever you can. Arrange car-pools for soccer praticeand dance class. Prioritize your kids, spouse and grades and let the rest go. It's great that your hubby wants to spend time with you.

    Good luck! You'll be an RN before you know it!
  14. by   Stephalump
    Quote from GrnTea
    You know, special procedures/radiology needs RNs...just a thought for later... keep your eyes and mind open and learn all you can ...
    That's exactly what the director of radiology said to me at my interview. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got! It's going to be a great learning experience (and I always seem to struggle with diagnostic tests in school, so it might help in more ways than one!)