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  1. rngraduate2014

    How is NS with having little kids?

    It can be done. I have four ages 16,15 (ugghh hormones) 9 and 5 (before care issues). I would say that no will become your favorite word and it has to. You will need your families support because the need to study is not optional. No one except someone that has gone through the program the dedication and perseverance that it takes. You will learn to prioritize, and delegate. I also kind of work 3 prn jobs after the 1st semester (student nurse, medical assistant (call center) and SI instructor. However in this last semester I do the bare minimum because of the almost daily assignments. You can do it, don't give up and good luck!!!!
  2. rngraduate2014

    Beginning of last semester!!!

    Excited :wavey:and exhausted:sleep: but so ready for May
  3. rngraduate2014

    I am an RN!!! NCLEX Tips and Tricks Just For You!!

    What did you use to help strengthen the area's of priority and SATA
  4. rngraduate2014

    How old were you when you started Nursing School?

    I started at 32 with 4 kids and a husband. I will be 34 when I graduated in May planning for a pinning and my oldest junior prom. You are exactly where you are suppose to be when you get there. Don't worry you will be great:yes:
  5. rngraduate2014

    Nurse Extern?? What's that about?

    Here in MD the job is the same as a Nurse Tech however it has the advantage of a job offer upon graduation. Even before sitting for the boards (offer not job) with out trying to figure out the ok now I need a job part. So its a good option.
  6. rngraduate2014

    How many nursing schools are you applying to?

    Which CC did you apply if you don't mind me asking [COLOR=#003366]☮ ♥ and ✚
  7. rngraduate2014

    How many nursing schools are you applying to?

    I applied to 3 I got into all 3. I was then able to make my choice that best fit me. But had I only got into the further one I wouldve driven and been just as happy about it. Either way I would be graduating May 2014
  8. rngraduate2014

    Class of 2014

    I will be graduating in May 2014. I could have also done w/o this summer break thing . I am so excited nervous anxious. I plan to volunteer for the upcoming graduating class to see what to expect for my classes pinning.I would have volunteered this semester but It would have made me to excited to soon This upcoming semester is MH/NC2/Peds
  9. rngraduate2014

    Should I continue with school?

    its better to finish now. I have 4 kids and its not always easy to find ways around the schedule. But it can be done. Do it know while you can just hold your breathe for the next few semesters and it will be over with soon enough.
  10. rngraduate2014

    A Time to Heal

    This was very beautifully written. As a student nurse I feel stressed daily.
  11. rngraduate2014

    BCCC or CCBC Acceptance even/wknd 2013

    @ robi33564 you should contact BCCC they usually send out responses by March not as late as May
  12. rngraduate2014

    Half a nurse :) two semesters to go

    Half a nurse here also. So glad finals are over . I know that by early August I will like ok lets get it. But for know I will try to get some much needed
  13. rngraduate2014

    What are you getting paid as a nurse student?

    I am a nursing student and a mother of four. I work PRN as a NT(Nursing Tech). That way you can add as many schedules as you can handle:no:. Just remember that the main objective is to pass nursing school so don't out schedule yourself. I only work "full time" during breaks and summer. Good luck either way but if it is to be it will be just fine.
  14. rngraduate2014

    Grades or a Job - Decisions

    It is true that your grades will suffer but if you believe you can hold it together you will. The only doubt that you have to get over is yours. You will be beyond exhausted to put in the additional study time that you are use to having know that will vaporize with the mommy can you and mommy look at this, but the only thing that can honestly stop you is you. So the question is what can you do? Good luck with what ever you choose. I am a married mother of 4(so 5) and work 3 prn jobs. But I don't work more than 20-22 hrs a week. I am in my 2nd half of 2nd semester of an ADN program.
  15. rngraduate2014

    Volunteer RN opportunities

    Volunteer No.... It would most likely be in your best interest if you have passed the NCLEX to find some type of full time employment to learn (by proctor) and gain skills. If you can work nights if you want a slower pace to learn at. Or start in a nursing home. You have to have a preceptor for about 12 weeks no matter where you work unless you get into some type of home health care