Getting my degree later than many and in not the most traditional of circumstances...

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    So I am 29, I guess it was two years ago I really made up mind to go back to school for nursing. I did my cna over the summer, in fact at first everything was happening fast. I was home schooled so I had to start with a ged. I aced the test on my first try. my instructor was very encouraging. She said I shouldn't just be nurse I should specialize. All was going well. Then i went through a separation, and I have three young children. It has been two years now and I am just on my second semester. I had to do developmental math and science. I aced the science, but have been struggling with the Algebra. meanwhile I have been working as a cna. Any one who has been one knows how hard a job it is.

    Any other single mom nursing students on here? Do you ever feel like giving up or that youll never get into school? I know 30 isn't that old but its a far cry from 18.

    I am putting in my application for the lpn program tomorrow. I want to bridge to rn but I Think this may be a good start for me.
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    I'm my program the older students outweighed the younger ones. The 18 and 20 year olds were the minority.

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    I can't relate to your cirumstances, but I think you should know that now many nursing students are not traditional. There are so many parents, people who are 25+ or those either coming back for another degree or starting college for the first time. So I am sure you will meet many on your journey (if you haven't yet) who have unique circumstances as well. I wish you a lot of luck, you sound like you have been through so much!
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    You are not alone. I'm in my late 40s and this a second career for me. Your life experience will make you a better nurse. You will be able to relate to a wider variety of people. Use your strengths!
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    Definitely not alone! I will be 29 in April, and have 4 kids(married, but it's still hard). Good luck!!
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    Eh, most of the students in our class range from 25-40. There are a few closer to 20 and some all the way up to 60, but nursing has become the career of the older and more experienced it seems. No worries.
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    I was 38, a single mom and I worked 7 days a week and went to night school.

    You can do it.
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    I'll be 40 in June, just starting out on my BSN. Many in my class are in their late 20's and early 30's.
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    Who's 18? I'm 36. My class has 90 students in there and I don't think a single one is that young. Many are in their 30s and 40s, and some are in their 60s.
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    IM 29, single mom of 6yr old and 7mth old. I work full time as well. All I do from day to day is breathe... That's all I can do some days. Just keep pushing thro.

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