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littlerayofsunshine has 9 years experience as a BSN, MSN and specializes in MS, OB.

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  1. Hi Does anyone have suggestions for putting my best foot forward in an interview? What qualities do you think are most important in this role. This is a leap for me, but I am very excited about the opportunity. Thanks!
  2. MSN - Education 2019

    I'd be interested to hear how long most people take to finish this program.
  3. Insulin drips patients on L&D

    Our patients were kept on high risk area of birth center when on insulin gtt. We did monitor closely and would have 1:1 care when laboring. Our nurses were trained to titrate per our protocol.
  4. Incompetence or bad night?

    You're right. I let the chaos get to me. This is what bothers be. I usually thrive in chaos. I can't figure out why this got to me.
  5. Incompetence or bad night?

    I've been a nurse for 6 yrs. Work in ob gyn which I love. Without giving too much detail, I can describe my what happened the other night. We are a super busy, fast paced unit which I love. Think ER for women. It started with my patient needing an I...
  6. Tennessee Nurse RaDonda Vaught - Legal Perspectives of Fatal Medication Error

    @juandelacruz. I know that people can be under enormous pressure and fear for their jobs. I get that it can lead to us acting in ways that are not within our normal practice. Horrible systems and people in power can break us and it's hard to stand ...
  7. Tennessee Nurse RaDonda Vaught - Legal Perspectives of Fatal Medication Error

  8. Tennessee Nurse RaDonda Vaught - Legal Perspectives of Fatal Medication Error

    I want to sympathize with RV, but honestly I can't. No matter how much we are pressured to work faster and with fewer resources, we still have basic standards of practice to follow. She failed to act as even a first year nursing student would. As ...
  9. Any facilities actually using an AccuVein? Any thoughts?

    We do. I have had mixed results using it. I find it a little fiddly to use even with the stand. However, if you really can't see anything, it does give you somewhere to look. I really thought I'd like it better but I hardly use it anymore.
  10. Moving to Greensboro area

    Hi, We are moving to Greensboro this summer. Anyone have any experience working in this area? Are there plenty of jobs available? What is the average pay for an experienced RN? I have done some of my own research, but always like to get updated inf...
  11. What to expect during L&D???

    To add to what everyone has said--- try to make your main goal: healthy mom and baby. In my experience, the more rigid the patient is about their "ideal" labor and delivery, the more disappointed you will be. As for going natural vs epidural-- it i...
  12. Cone Health Greensboro

    We are relocating to NC. Does anyone have information about nursing and pay at Cone Health, especially the Women's Hospital? Thanks in advance.
  13. Best practice exam for OB RN Cert

    Does anyone have recommendations for a practice test online for OB-RN Certification exam?I have some books, study guides, videos, etc. But I am still nervous about this. I am willing to pay for a quality, realistic, practice exam. Any and all tips ...
  14. St Joseph Hospital Nashua RN salary

    Hi...anyone have information on RN salary at this hospital?
  15. LDP RN Warsaw IN

    Hi, We might be moving to Warsaw, IN area...very early stages of a job hunt for my husband. However, I'm looking ahead to a job for me. Have experience in L, D, PP Antepartum (including high-risk pts), as well as Med/Surg. However, I'm really most in...