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LDRP Interview advice please


Specializes in MS, OB. Has 6 years experience.

I know there are other threads about this topic, but I'd appreciate any fresh advice.

I've been on a surg/med unit for 18 months and while I enjoy my job, I have always wanted to work in L&D eventually. Fortunately, I landed an interview and now I'm sort of terrified that I"ll blow it. I want to prepare, but I am not sure where I should focus.

I have fair amount of post-surgical experience from my current job, but as far as the rest of it - assessments, labor, newborn assessments, etc., -- I am overwhelmed by the prospect of reviewing all of this stuff.

I am looking at review materials online - does anyone have a recommended or favorite book that I should get? The interview is in 10 day.

Thanks in advance!

littlerayofsunshine, BSN

Specializes in MS, OB. Has 6 years experience.

Thanks for the advice. I will check out that resource.

I got the job! Turns out it's all about fit with the new unit and willingness to learn. I'm super excited and nervous to start learning!

Postpartum RN

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Yay congratulations on getting the job! That is so exciting!!

congrats on your new job!! :) May I ask, did you apply within your hospital? Any tips on applying to L&D that made you stood out? I too am an medsurg RN trying to get into L&D.