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Get all the sleep you can...

  1. 17 Nurses and nursing students are prone to sleep deprivation both in school and after graduation. For your safety and those around you please get at least 6-8 hours of sleep.

    Are you getting enough sleep?

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    I wish I had that much forethought before I started NS.
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    is it really that bad???
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    Oh it's not just bad it's ridiculous.. :-/ as the saying goes no pain, no gain
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    Bah, sleep is overrated. I once had a whole clinical day on 4 hours of sleep. I did okay. I crashed right afterwards but during the day I did fine.
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    Quote from aleisha3
    is it really that bad???
    yes it is that bad if you have 10 chapters to cover in two weeks and on top of that you have other work if you work and kiddos, husband and a house to care for lol but i did anyone can do it
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    When the alarm goes off and the first thing you do is calculate how many hours until you can go back to sleep you know there might be a problem!
    I've had clinical days where I've had as little as 2 hours of sleep. Not something I'd recommend. Ever.
    Most nights I average 5 to 6hrs of sleep. I try to have a mini hibernation session once a week where I'll sleep 10 to 12 hours, although sleeping that long tends to make me feel groggy.
    It is possible to sleep more- but you can't have your cake and eat it too. It's about choices- Right now I'm choosing AN and SNL over sleep!!
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    lol....ohhh you gotta luv' it
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    Right now? Yes. Come this Fall? Prolly not.

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