Fundamentals Success 2nd edition vs 3rd edition

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    Does anyone have the fundamentals success by FA Davis company if so if u have the 2nd edition(2008) and or 3rd edition(2011) can u tell me the difference in the the 2 other than the yr. I want 2 get this book & i cn buy the 2nd edition for about $8 vs buyin the 3rd edition between $20-$35. & even if i rented the 3rd edition its still arnd $20-35. Thanks

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    I got the 2nd ed from amazon.The 3rd ed has the same content, just the book cover changed. Amazon lets you preview a book, the 3rd ed has the same table of contents as the 2nd.
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    Oh ok, thank u! Im gonna get the 2nd edition then.
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    they are exactly the same, maybe the layout is different
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    I bought the second edition just because it is cheaper plus I hardly think the information has changed in 3 years. I was kind of irked to find out you can find the second edition online as a torrent so I spent $12 on the textbook when I could have spent $0. Oh well, it will be a good book to review from time to time to reinforce learning. Plus, viewing a book from the computer is not easy on the eyes as a viewing the text is.
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    Yeah thats what i said too. Ive ordered the 2nd ed for $9 off chegg, just wanted to have a variety of questions to answer while studying.
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    you might want to rethink that. when your faculty assigns pages 65-120 for the night's reading, you might not have the same ones. review questions at the end of chapters may not be the same. as to changes, as a person who has authored a textbook chapter, i can tell you that subsequent editions do have changes...or they wouldn't have a new edition. just because the table of contents is the same does not mean the content is the same.

    and could you please not use txtspk, per our allnurses terms of service? it's hard to read.
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    I have the 2nd edition and it has worked fine for me. I don't know what's the difference between this one and the 3rd one though, I just got this one because it was cheaper
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    GrnTea its not a textbook for school, its almost like a nclex book but just over fundamentals more like a resource type book. My school is paying for our books so i dont have a choice but to get those.

    @alex thanks ive ordered the 2nd edition. I'll go to barnes & nobles or books a million to ssee if they have the 3rd ed & look to see the difference.
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    Any more updates on whether or not there's a difference between the two editions? Are the review questions very different? If the content is still the same, I would buy both if they had very different review questions in them.

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