1. For those of you entering your final semester, I wanted to share an "it's really happening" moment...

    My final tuition was due recently. I looked at the break down of charge per credit, lab fees, etc and noticed a $300 NCLEX fee. That's when it hit me. I am one semester away from being a graduate nurse. The combination of excitement and anxiety was overwhelming. We go back in the end of August, take our last final and finish clinical in October, and then precept for 5 weeks. It's crazy how the time flew!

    I read some of the posts from people who are eager to start their first semester. Some make me giggle, I relate to others, and some are posted by that student we all remember from the first day of class. You know.... The "she's never going to make it with that attitude" student.

    Seeing that little "NCLEX fee" on my bill made me realize that all of the tears, test anxiety, and countless ours of studying have been so worth it. No, they're not over yet, but I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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  3. by   ziggletk
    Good for you! Good luck with your last semester/NCLEX/job hunting!!!
  4. by   stewartfamily2010
    Congratulations! That's awesome. I'll be a first semester soon...
  5. by   Tinkx RN
    I'm going into my 3rd semester then my final after that god willing that is...congrats to you and good luck :-)
  6. by   kwrnstudent
    I know that feeling all too well! I graduate in December and I'm terrified of this semester! I just paid this semesters tuition, and like you I'm looking at the breakdown only instead of being calm and collected, I'm scared to death! Good luck!!! I know we can do it!
  7. by   green34
    I'm heading into my final semester too! Unfortunately, it'll probably be about January or later before I can take the NCLEX. We have 5 weeks of OB, 5 weeks of peds, and 5 weeks of geriatrics with preceptorship for the last 10 weeks. It feels unreal. I am starting to feel anxious about pediatrics as that is what I have first.

    A lot of my classmates are no longer with me due to a variety of reasons and that makes me sad. One dropped out because she couldn't pass patho, another dropped psych and will be taking it in the fall due to the uncertainty of passing it (she will be in geriatrics with me for the final 5 weeks), another one did not pass 2nd semester so she is entering her 3rd semester, another one something happened medically in 3rd semester so he is repeating 3rd semester, and another dropped in 2nd semester because she didn't think she would pass and is studying social work.
  8. by   megan9107
    Same for me and I am scared to death! I keep thinking if they let me out they are crazy! Lol. I'm that nervous, but I am also ready to get this thing over with. Good luck to everyone.
  9. by   ncRNBSN715
    I will be entering my final semester in August as well!! It feels so unreal and exciting! I can't believe that it is almost over! Good luck to everyone!
  10. by   BBRANRN2013
    Congrats to all! I graduate in exactly 2 weeks after 2 1/2 year of pre reqs and 2 1/2 years of nursing school! I'm so excited yet nervous:-)
  11. by   DazzlingDivaBSN,RN
    Congrats to all of you. I will be entering my final semester this Fall 2013 and am excited and nervous about graduation, NCLEX and finally being done with nursing school! It does feel unreal to be so close to being done and graduating, because when I first started taking pre-reqs and finally entered nursing school, I thought it would be a million light years away before I was even close to finishing. I can't believe I'm almost done! Good luck to every one in their final semesters!
  12. by   rafv
    Start final semester in three and a half weeks. I cannot wait for December! Cannot come soon enough. Good luck and congrats to all...
  13. by   mind_body_soul RN
    My 2nd and 3rd semesters were brutal, pretty much lost my motivation by the end of last semester. Senioritis got me bad. Now that I have had the summer off from school and I've been working as an LPN, I can't wait to go back to school. Only 16 weeks of school stand between me and the letters RN. We've got this guys!
  14. by   swansonplace
    I have finished nursing school, and am getting ready for my nclex. It is all fun and nerve wracking all in one. We had an exit exam that we had to pass, so I concentrated on that.