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WHNP715 has 9 years experience as a APRN, NP and specializes in OBGYN.

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  1. Duke MSN 2018

    Good luck to everyone!! Yesterday, I was accepted into the WHNP program!! I'm so grateful for this opportunity and I cried for hours :) ❤️ I didn't receive an email at the time but I logged into the siss portal to check my status. On the right co...
  2. What does your countdown look like?

    I graduated from my ADN program on December 13th and now I am just waiting on my ATT :)
  3. What does your countdown look like?

    14 days until my capping ceremony and 15 days until my ADN graduation!!! ??

    I will be entering my final semester in August as well!! It feels so unreal and exciting! I can't believe that it is almost over! Good luck to everyone! :)
  5. Thank you hey_suz! I tried to consider that as I try to see everyone's intentions as good. I was really hoping that she was trying to protect me and be honest with me but this is not the first time. I think that the straw has broken the camel's back ...
  6. I've had the same problem with a "friend." I was accepted into nursing school at the end of last year and my friend seemed happy for me because she knew how hard and long I had worked to finally get accepted. I never bragged about being accepted ( ju...
  7. CCHS/Concord Spring 2012 admissions

    Can't believe that January 9th is almost here! I can't wait to start!! I'm so thankful, nervous and excited! :)
  8. CCHS/Concord Spring 2012 admissions

    Hi eligon3, I got my wait list letter in the mail today. They were pretty busy today on the phones....it took me several calls to get through....don't get down just yet :) Try first thing in the morning!
  9. CCHS/Concord Spring 2012 admissions

    I received my wait list letter this morning and went to the school and turned in all of my required materials. There is still a little hope :)
  10. CCHS/Concord Spring 2012 admissions

    Thanks Ama8215 :) I was planning on doing that in the morning.
  11. CCHS/Concord Spring 2012 admissions

    I'm a current student and I applied for a change of major into nursing. I still haven't heard anything (not an email or a letter)
  12. Accuplacer Exam

    Yes, it is a pretty basic exam. This site should help you out! http://wcb.neit.edu/asc/prctctst.htm Good luck!
  13. Carolinas college cna II program

    Don't know if they are still taking students but check.... http://info.rccc.edu/4627.aspx
  14. Carolinas college cna II program

    To be honest, the cheapest route would be a community college. When I took my CNA, I took it at Mitchell Community College and the cost was $60 for my program back in 2003. However, I had one of the local hospitals sponsor me and they paid for the cl...
  15. Carolinas college cna II program

    I think this should help you: http://www.carolinascollege.edu/Academic/Nurse_AideII_Brochure.pdf