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Hi. I am 1 semester away from being done with nursing school. I am a really high achiever and get fantastic grades in both the lecture and clinical portions of my program. At the beginning of... Read More

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    Quote from lovedijah
    I don't really believe that people stop talking to you just because your grades are good. I think it's more to the story than that. This is not calling you a bad person. I'm just saying there are two sides to each story. But I just can't allow myself to believe everyone in the class is jealous of you and nobody talks to you because of that.

    Theres a girl in my class that nobody really talks to, but she's really arrogant about her grades. Or maybe she's not arrogant. Maybe she's proud. But to the outside, it seems arrogant. I'm not really passionate about the situation or her friendship to say, "I'm not jealous of you. But when you roll your eyes and make smug marks about your grades in comparison to others, it makes people not like you". But I'm sure she thinks people "hate" her and are "jealous". I have a loving husband, a roof over my head, all that I need and more.. how could I be jealous because she got a 95 and I got 80. It'll take more than that. The grades I get in nursing school- yes.. I wish I got all A's. But so long as the C's and B's I get add up to me getting a nursing license- I can't complain. I can't win every test battle. I try my best. It is what it is. Honestly. Not everyone is jealous.

    Are there jealous people? Of course. But I question a room full of jealous people (and I admit, you didn't say everyone was jealous or acting weird.. just a few)

    Maybe its not your grades. Maybe it's something else. Reasons you could try to figure out. But you probably have a med surg test coming up. Worry about that instead.

    On another note. Lets say these people are jealous and "users"- why would you want to be friends with them anyway? You've seen their true colors, count your blessings their intentions aren't disguised. Ignore the texts. Remain cordial. Get your license. Move on with with your life. But I just can't understand being down about people who you think are jealous and users. If someone shows you their true colors, believe them. Move on. Problem solved.
    Hey I am just coming back to this post to check out responses. I have 8 weeks left! YAY!!!

    In response to this post, by no means was it "EVERYONE" in my class. There are like 100 students and I don't know half of them. I was referring to the people who I thought I was considerably close to in the beginning that kind of started acting funny. One of the students I am referring to will not talk to me to this very day, which I find highly obnoxious. In no way did I act arrogant or snotty about my grades to her, or any of them. I have resorted to not telling anyone and just saying I did fine. There are still a few who pressure me into telling them the actual number, but I just let them rattle on about it and never actually give them a straight answer.
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    8 weeks left here too!!! Exciting and terrifying at the same time!!!
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    I found your post now(2015). I really think that you write about my story hahaha. I use to think that I have friend but now I try to remind myself that I'm here for my degree not for making friend!!!
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    Hello, I know exactly how you feel speaking from experience. I started off close with a friend in the program from day 1. Everything was good until we started inviting other into our circle and it was down hill from there. She started to slowly distance herself from me and change due to the newcomers acting 'negative' which made her play the role of becoming negative too. my grades were suffering so I started to slowly distance myself from the group this past level. of course I got approached by them and I told them im just focusing on my grades. it is childish and petty and I am a loner but guess what this is the first level I passed with a high (B average) I am proud of myself and being a loner does get to you at times but I tell myself "this is only temporarily" and you cant change people but you can change the situation
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    Thanks for your encouraging words Sakura-chan...I am just on my 2nd week of Nursing school and I do feel a loner...tried to be friendly with some but they seem to not care and doesn't return my cheerful hi or comment (just to start a conversation) ....Yeah....NOT ALONE...we have you all here ^_^..thanks much
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    Hi...I feel like the same way with you too; I am currently in my third year in nursing school and my dear friend moved up to advance after she took summer classes (I didn't). I sit with 2 classmates who were in the same semester I am in (they even asked me to sit with them) , but when it they seem to be always in pair. I am hard on getting good grades this last 2 years of my nursing and so I will always be busy reading my book and avoid the chitchats, but this seems make me lonely. I tried to talk to them about the lectures or any school related subjects but I don't see the rapport I wish to see between themselves. It is hars but I know in the long run I will benefit from all these hardwork and likw you do, will just look up to my fiance and a dear friend who are always there to believe in me.
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    What is the study method she influenced you with? If you don't mind sharing