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  1. Carolll

    50 and making a dream come true.

    I started nursing school at 52, graduated with an ADN at 54 and just turned 57 this week and am in the last week of my BSN. I will continue with my schooling to get my NP by the age of 60. I cut my hair short, color it red and spike it with glue, I pull off looking like I'm in my 40's. I got hired at my current job because they were cutting over to a computer system and were afraid that they were going to lose their older nurses, which they did. Age is just a number in your head, you can continue on until you get your DNP if you want............Never give up. Never surrender!
  2. I quit a job that I had only worked for 8 weeks without a notice. It's the first time in my life I ever walked away. I felt that I was going to lose my license. I also worked weekends 110 miles away, my weekday organization wasn't even located in the county that I worked weekends in and they threatened to fire me for conflict of interest, telling me that I would be immediately dismissed. I informed my references (that worked at the weekend job) that they would be getting calls because I was quitting. My weekend company offered me full-time employment. I called up my weekday employer and told them that I was still employed at the other job and expected them to honor their treat to fire me immediately. I have now received 8 phone calls from HR wanting an exit interview. Nothing will change at this company so I just keep erasing the messages.
  3. Carolll

    5 Types of Nursing Careers You Never Considered

    I'm a new nurse and I have a couple of fantastic jobs. I was licensed on 06/10 and had a job on 06/11 (Home Health). I then was picked up by a Hospice and a Detox facility. Both jobs were recommended to me by other nurses that I met in a ALF that I only lasted 4 weeks at because the job was horrid and I quit (with a 2 week notice). There are loads of jobs out there. Maybe not what you want but there is no shortage of work in general.
  4. Wished I'm had come and worked for you. I was just licensed in June, got my first real nursing job in August at a nursing home. Put in my 2 week notice 4 weeks later. I was given 6 days orientation total, 3 on the floor. Given 19 patients my first day out and 3 days later when it was noted that I could slam all the meds down them without being 2 hours late, I was given 29. I lasted 6 weeks and it was about 5 1/2 weeks too long. I think I'll look for something in the hospital now, I figure I can handle 10 patients without too much issue. Also, the second day that I worked, I had one patient with a O2 stat of 83. Really, did she get like that overnight, No, she had been like that for quite a while. I called her Dr and he sent her to the ED. She was vented for 10 days in ICU. I guess having 29 patients doesn't do much for assessing their breathing.