Do you really need a College Algebra pre-req for a Stats class? Do you really need a College Algebra pre-req for a Stats class? | allnurses

Do you really need a College Algebra pre-req for a Stats class?

  1. 0 Hi, I've found that most Statistics courses have a pre-req requirement for College Algebra. Did you find that you really needed to know College Algebra to study Statistics? I finally found a course at a university in my local area that does not require it, so I am enrolling for the fall. Do you think I can get by okay without doing College Algebra first?

    Thanks in advance, AJ
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    I didn't have college allgebra, my high school algebra was over 20 years old and I got an A in statistics. I had to go to the dept. head to get a waiver to get in the class but was really glad I tried it. Good luck!
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    There are some things you are taught in College Algebra class that you need to know for Statistics and it has to do with probabilities and working with sets of numbers and determining the equations to predict the next number in a series if I am remembering this.
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    I don't know if it was necessary, but i've done College Algebra and now finishing up Stats.
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    I never took college algebra, but I did take stats and did fine. My university did not have algebra as a prerequisite for me to take stats. I don't think you need it.. it would help, but its not necessary in my opinion.
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    It depends how much you already know. I am taking stat right now during the summer and I didn't take algebra yet at college. I did, however, take it a few years ago in high school. I think as long as you know basic math, like which order to calculate a problem (parenthesis exponents multiplication division addition subtraction) that you should do fine. Thats really all I needed to understand Stat. Good luck!
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    It would certainly make it easier. I recommend you check out a good math review book from your library, or buy one, and use it to refresh your memory of fundamental concepts. If you're willing to study a little beforehand and are fairly quick at learning new math skills, you should be able to handle it without having taken a formal college algebra course.
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    I took Math Stats at my college without taking College Algebra. I made an A in the class but there were things that would have been easier to understand if I would have had the College Algebra background. That was a class I was all too happy to be finished with!
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    My school didn't require it for Intro to Stats. I had Algebra in high school, over 13 years ago. I don't remember much of it. I'm currently taking Statistics online and I have a B.
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    My school did not require it, and I did fine in Stats. Good luck!
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    Thanks, everyone! I guess I'll just pull out my Beginning/Intermediate Algebra DVDs and review those before I start class this fall.
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    I took Stats and College Algebra during the same semester. I don't think taking College Algebra before taking the Stats would have been very beneficial to me. The two classes are very different. I am horrible at College Algebra, and it was a difficult class for me. Math is not one of my strong points. However, I really liked Stats and made an A. I thought it was much easier than College Algebra. That is just my opinion, though. I think you can do just fine in Stats without the College Algebra. Good luck!
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    I didn't have to take College Algebra before taking Stats, but then again, my undergrad had a math placement exam which allowed me to test past algebra, and I'd taken Calc I the semester before. If you've not had a strong mathematics background I'd suggest the algebra. If you're confident, then have fun in stats.

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