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by Amerk, BSN, MSN, RN | 2,523 Views | 11 Comments

Hello everyone, I am a new nursing student, started January 4th at Chamberlain School of Nursing. So far I have been very disappointed, and would like some feed back from folks who are in the know. Chamberlain (staff) told... Read More

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    FYI: Campus bookstores are usually not owned by the colleges, but are franchises.

    A real brick-and-mortar school puts far more money into educating their students than they take in from tuition (tuition is usually somewhere between 20-35% of the cost of an education there), relying on grants, investments, bequests, and fundraising for the difference. Online schools... not so much.
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    I'm late on the response end but I totally agree. The Mat thing was a little awkward...guess I'm not ready for nursing school either ;-)

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