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I'll be the first to admit that I have put on a few pounds while in nursing school but I don't think loosing those pounds through dieting while in school is the best of ideas. I have several friends in school who are dieting and... Read More

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    I have put about 25lbs this past year of nursing school. I am starting a "diet" because I want to be proud of not only my accomplishment at pinning of not only finishing nursing school but also gaining my health also.

    I'd love if some of us could maybe pm each other or something for motivation during this stressful time. Any takers?

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    Quote from Stoogesfan
    I'd love if some of us could maybe pm each other or something for motivation during this stressful time. Any takers?
    That's a great idea! Sometimes it's hard to stay focused and achieve our goals alone. The small support from each other could be the push we need to get to the gym or skip the cheeseburger
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    I start nursing school on the 11th but I'm losing right now. I don't feel hungry so its going well. I really just decreased my pop intake (cut it out completely), decreased fast food(haven't had any in 19 days) and increased veggies. I'm down 13lbs so far. I think it will be doable in school as well.
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    I say schedule at least 30 minutes a day of exercise. Go for a jog, take the dog for a walk, pop in a work out video. Drink a lot of water, use smaller plates & portions, eat fruits,veggies, yogurt, nuts for snacks. Prepare freezer meals so during the week you don't have stop by McDonalds (because it's convenient). Really start with small goals and cut out specific foods a little at a time (such as soda). It's important to keep yourself healthy too!
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    Quote from zoe92
    Drink a lot of water
    I actually agree with everything you said but this is seriously an underrated part of losing weight or simply being healthy. It's really easy to go on a 12 hour clinical and realize that you only have had 32 oz of water and went to the bathroom once. If any of our patients did that we would slap in an IV running fluids at 125ml/hr watching skin turgor and labs until we're satisfied that they are no longer dehydrated. I'd rather not work my shift pulling an IV pole or wearing a foley so I have to remind myself to drink more water.

    On the weight loss side of why this is important....if you don't have enough circulating volume to remove toxins and byproducts of metabolism it just sits there in your body doing more harm than good. Often times when you are continually hydrated your brain is satisfied and cravings for food decline. When I studied a lot and felt the urge to snack I tried having some tea instead to see if that curbed the craving and it usually did.

    Cutting things from your diet might be difficult so instead I would suggest living in moderation. If you absolutely cannot live without soda, buy the baby cans and cut down on intake instead of going cold turkey. The same can be done with any food/beverage. You'll be surprised how much the little things can add up to a healthier life.
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    I love this post!
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    @Jennybrie, love everything you said! Moderation is key!
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    Choose healthy eating habits now...start with small things like eating at least one veggie and one fruit a day. If you already do that then replace a candy bar with an apple or even a skinny cow snack or something. Start with small steps. Then exercise! I found a park on the way to school. On the days that I have late classes, I leave a half hour early and walk for that length of time. It invigorates me and makes me feel like I'm doing something productive.
    Don't "diet" or take any big change on in nursing school. It's too much pressure!
    Good luck!
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    I recently lost 9 lbs in three days! I ate healthier and drank nothing but water, and I'm doing beach body.coms insanity! It truly works if you just eat a little healthier and a little less, but its the hardest work out I have ever done. I do love it though, it makes me feel good when I wake up in the mornings. I have so much more energy. Also, it's a video I can do at home so it's convenient.
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    Quote from Kdrenee
    I'm doing beach body.coms insanity!
    I've never heard of this before. What does the work out involve?

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