Dear Nursing Students/Orientees: A Love Note from the Preceptor from Hell - page 5

Warning: The following post is rife with brutal honesty and frustration. Read at your own risk. Memorandum from the desk of Your Friendly Neighborhood Sociopath~~ Dear Nursing... Read More

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    Haven't finished reading all the posts but I didn't want to get interrupted and lose this thread.

    To CheesePotato - your post should be xeroxed and laminated, then given out to all precepting newbies in their orientation packet. Would it be a little bit too much to have it hung up somewhere for all to see??? It bespeaks the sentiments of many of us other senior nurses who serve as supplemental/substitute resource nurses.

    Thank you for saying it so well.

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    LOVE IT!!! I WISH I had someone like this when I first started my RN career... nope... I was guided by the ones who seemed to WANT me to fail and made attempt after attempt to throw me under the bus.

    Oh well... so far I have survived even if it is by the seat of my pants
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    This is certainly NOT my philosophy when precepting. Yes, nursing is difficult. Yes, we do deal with life and death situations. Still, there is little need for the level of drama you’ve inserted into your role.

    Also, I must agree that you are perpetuating quite a few stereotypes.

    I’m sure that this style of teaching will and has been successful with some new grads. We certainly would not have gotten along if you were my preceptor. However, I generally don’t respond well to militant personalities. Hence my abstinence from sororities/cliques/work gossip.
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    This is a nicely written piece, straight to the point and no holds barred.
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    Okay, I did not read all 43 of the comments before I posted this, so forgive me if I repeat something...

    But as an RN student graduating in the next few weeks, I have to say that I hope to find a preceptor in my first job with this outlook and philosophy. I can count on less than one hand the number of nurses I worked with during clinicals who actually pushed me or actually tested my knowledge base. I appreciate this kind of honesty and belief in potential.

    Thank you!
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    hah you sound like my preceptor. she's stern but watches out for my license, few words though when she speaks it mostly cuz i screwed up. Saying nothing means I'm doing stuff right. Uh yes it really is a jungle of predators and survival of the fittest out there. She jumped to my defense when a certain somebody told the NM, directors untrue rumors which ah could have gotten me fired. She treats me coldly compared with other people but .. hey shes' my preceptor not buddy SO after my probation I will invite her out to dinner or get her a gift as thank you for protecting me from myself, other vultures and helping me transition from the perfect school world into real world nursing.
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    This is how precepting should be done, every time.

    If you can't take it, be a candy stripper.
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    Quote from BlueDevil,DNP
    This is how precepting should be done, every time.

    If you can't take it, be a candy stripper.
    Although working at a strip club might be a bit much too. Or did you mean candy striper?
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    Quote from wooh
    Although working at a strip club might be a bit much too. Or did you mean candy striper?
    heh. Yes, better that, because somehow I doubt someone unwilling or unable to keep it together and cope with the OP for a few measly weeks as a preceptor is going to be able to manage the stress and demands of a career on the pole, lol.
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    Anyone who has ever reared a child or trained a dog understands that kindness works better than the hostility and anger you seem to value. I have mentored using kindness and I can assure you, the preceptee is educated BETTER than when having been beaten over the head with a stick. No, I don't discuss recipes or go for drinks, I am just plain kind to the learner.
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