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    Well, I am putting together some prizes for my students on the first day of classes and need your suggestions. I am putting together a clinical kit with things that people often need/forget at clinical, but all I can come up with so far are:
    bandaids, tylenol, extra pens, highlighters, care plan forms. Students, help me out- what else should be in there? It's been too long since I was in school, I think!

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    Our instructors gave us those little bottles of hand sanitizer that are like 90 cents at Walmart. The LTC facility we did our first clinical at did not have them by the door so we carried them around in our pockets.
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    What a fun idea!! I'm not starting NS until fall...but in reading various posts, I've planned on making a similar kit for myself. I was going to include a powerbar and/or some other packable-type snacks, a small thing of hand lotion that smells good, and the Purell is a good idea.
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    Thanks for posting! Does anyone else have any other ideas?
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    Well I don't start nursing classes until September, but as a new student I'd love to get a little list from my instructor on something like..."Top ten things I wish someone had told me before I started nursing school." Or something else cute that might them relax and feel a little less anxious about what to expect. Especially if a student earned it as a prize, it would seem even more special
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    I would also get small spiral note pads. They fit perfect in your scrub pockets and come in handy when you need to scribble info down asap!
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    Black Pens!
    Index Cards /NoteCards
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    A fingernail file. I work in a hospital and have completed Block 1 and cannot tell you how many times I have chipped a nail on a bed and then leaving a sharp edge I carry one in my back pack.
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    drug book
    juice packs those you mix with water
    a plain white scrub top in case you get messy!
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    a little bottle of vicks vapor rub!
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