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    Hi guys. There is a classmate in my class who is cheating by using tests banks. She told me herself. THE Funny thing is how she told me that she wont give it to me because she does not "trust" me. I went to her because I wanted to know how she studies to get good grades too and that's what she told me... It sounded like she was mad at me.. I dont know!! Why would she tell me something like that, What should I do? I dont think is fair to cheat, but i don't want to have to do anything with this... But she TOLD ME!! Help?

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    Yikes. I would say it's your duty to report, however if you don't have any concrete evidence then she could easily deny it. You might set up a meeting with your advisor and ask, theoretically, what someone in your situation should do with this information.
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    Leave it alone!!!!!!! NOT YOUR BUSINESS. Dont get into to! It'll come back and bite her in the butt when it comes to NCLEX!!
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    UGH! I hate cheaters! My blood is boiling just reading this! But, like the others said, don't get involved. Just try to forget about it! Stay away from her. It will catch up to her. If she told you, someone she doesn't "trust", then I am sure she has told others...
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    Have you seen her using test banks? She may just be all talk and just trying to get a rise out of you.

    However if you have direct, concrete knowledge that she is in fact cheating, you need to check your school's honor code/policy as you may be morally and procedurally obligated to report your knowledge. If she is caught and you knew she was cheating you can be considered just as guilty as her. Not all schools have such an honor or academic honesty policy but check your school's policy/code to make certain.
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    Quote from haiden304
    Leave it alone!!!!!!! NOT YOUR BUSINESS. Dont get into to! It'll come back and bite her in the butt when it comes to NCLEX!!

    Also when she has to take the HESI after each semester.....

    The funny part...I didn't know what a test bank was...I had to google it....

    I could never be a criminal...

    No will bite her in the behind and I would stay as far away from her as possible.
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    Yes stay out of it. She probably doesn't trust you because she knows then you would have evidence! Avoid her & find someone else to get study tips from.
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    I'm pretty sure our instructors write our questions... I've never even heard of a test bank nor do I understand how to use one to cheat.
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    I never heard of a test bank before I had to look it up too. But is that considered cheating? How would you know if the test banks are copies of the exact test you will be taking. I could see how that would be wrong. Sorry I am confused.
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    I agree with those who have said not to say anything... During our first semester, someone in our class knew that a group of students were using the TBs and she informed the instructor - however, when the teacher met with the accused students, there was no hard evidence to be found, and nothing was done, and everyone somehow found out who had "ratted" and felt resentment toward that student. It's unfair, but that is just how it is unfortunately. (Side note for my personal opinion -- even though using TBs is obviously dishonest, it is so prevalent, I am always surprised to hear that teachers are using these questions; it's like they don't care!)
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