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Hey guys! Starting my nursing class on September 5. I am nervous, excited and did I say nervous. Let's start a thread together and support each other on this journey. Got all my books but I have yet... Read More

  1. by   breffe
    I just got accepted to start January 2013. So I will be graduating in December 2014 as well!
  2. by   Oraelo
    Yup I think it finally happened. I crammed so much info into my brain that I forgot my cat's name.
    Come here you furry little thing, come get dinner
  3. by   Oraelo
    I have my first exam coming up on Wednesday. This is the hardest one because I have no idea what to expect. After this one I will have an idea on how the tests are formatted and written. So for now I am studying EVERYTHING that I can. Brain overload.
  4. by   Mattie2012
    Had my vital signs skills check off today! Oh the stress of it all.
  5. by   flipflopgenna
    hey class of 2014, my school start aug. 10, its been going none stop since. i have had two exams so far and made a 90 on the first and a 94 on second. i was crazy excited. our test are similar to the HESI, so they can get us better prepared, i started clinicals this week and it turned out to be a great experience so far. the teachers keep us so busy with busy work that i feel like im smothering. i have to teach an eduactional class on BP to the community in two weeks, the same week we have a test, on top of that ill have a clinical that week. that will be my stress week. if i can do that week i think i will be ok. we have to teach the BP class to our instructors first, before we go to the community, so a little nervous. we also have lots of paper due. one about our clinicals, about the teaching project, i feel sososososos OVERLOADED. i need a secretary! not a bad idea! i wish i was rich!! i cant wait to hear all of your stories over the next two years. DONT FORGET TO HAVE SOME FUN!!
  6. by   flipflopgenna
    i hop they do
  7. by   flipflopgenna
    ive learned to take one day at a time, they will throw you a lot of information right off and tell you everything to come, to fret,jus one day at a time. and you start on my birthday, thats got to be a good sign
  8. by   krcs
    I started August 27th. I've been lurking around here but finally decided to sign up and post. So much work. Been through 3 weeks and have taken two written exams, two lab skill tests and had my first day of clinical. I agree with flipflopgenna. Take it one day at a time. I had delusions of being an overachiever and getting ahead in my course work. I look back on that and laugh! But one step at a time and I'll get it done. Class of 2014! Woo hoo!
  9. by   jsh21340
    Woo hooo Class of 2014. This is gonna be a long journey I started Aug 22 and let me tell you my anxiety has been through the roof!!!! I passed hand washing, restaints, and occupied beds and today I will be checking off on Occupied bed and positioning. Im sooooo nervous even though I practiced with my mom this weekend. I hope I can remember everything. This Nursing stuff is no joke lol. I passed two of my test so far Fundamentals of nursing test:90 and Health Assessment test:82. I hope I just keep getting better.

    Good luck to everyone on this road to becoming a nurse. I see now we are gonna have some wonderful nurses in the future!
  10. by   dancernoregon
    I start too the excitement is overwhelming... so is the schedule!
  11. by   dhoff
    The past couple weeks have been CRAZY. Pretty much running on caffeine but I am loving it! I haven't started clinicals yet (not until October) but I do go to orientation of the facility tomorrow! Last Friday my class got an official tour of the skills lab at my school and it is so awesome. It's amazing what they can do with mannequins! We walked into this small room and laying on the bed was a mannequin that not only greeted us, but he was also breathing and apparently he can cry and sweat too! Too cool. Next week things will get a little more busy. I have a couple papers due, a community teaching-learning project, and foundation skills check-off. I wouldn't change a moment of it! I am so thankful to be in this program. Hope everyone is doing well in their programs!
  12. by   Jamaicandol
    Hey guys!
    I guess its my time to give you a low-down since i checked in a week a go. Once again, i had another exam. My first fundamental exam. Didnt receive my grade as yet but im sure i got between an 88 and a 90. could have gotten a better grade but made some silly mistakes. all and all, it wasnt bad. I am not fooling myself the next exam is going to be ten time as hard so im taking one exam at a time. By the way i got a 95.5 in my calculation exam a week a go. I must tell you, it is extremely stressful. I decided to take the night of from reading and studying, i believe i earned. I dont want to go crazy. I have type A personality and if i dont get an A i am upset with myself until the next exam where i can prove myself, but this is nursing and i have to be happy and thank God every time i pass and exam or test off on a skill. So far i have tested off on hand washing, giving a bed bath, making an occupied bed, blood pressure, pulse, and respiration. Yes, its a lot to have completed in such a short time.
  13. by   Jamaicandol
    Before i get off, I just want to say one more thing. If you fail a skill dont get discourage and quit nursing. A student in my class quit nursing be cause she failed her pulse, temperate and temperature skill test off. She was discourage after failing a test off. after all the hard work and sacrifice she made, she walked away from her future. I started this blog so we can support each other and not give up on our dreams. lets take it one test at a time. One bad test is not going to fail you out of nursing. we can do this....I know when we are studying for an exam we feel like its too much but once you pass the exam, pat yourself on the back and and take several hours to yourself. I take the night off every time i take a test. PLEASE DONT GET SCARED OR DISCOURAGE WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. if you dont understand something in class post it and we will try to figure it out. Everyone who joined this blog is fairly smart....If we were not good student we would not have gotten in to the nursing program. Lets live for our future dream of being a RN.
    Gook luck on all your future exam!