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I'm 28 and just decided last fall that it was time to go to nursing school! I have 2 amazing kids that make me laugh everyday. All my hard work is for them. I can't wait to begin my journey as a nursing student!

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  1. nurseinthemakin

    Advice for a new grad LPN?

    Hi everyone! I just recently graduated as a LPN (taking Boards on the 11th!) I have 2 more semesters before I graduate as an RN. I live in the metro area and am looking for a PRN LPN position while I finish school. Does anyone have any tips on places that are hiring, or that are good to work for while completing school? I'm having a tougher time than I thought I would to find a position. Please give me your advice. I appreciate it!
  2. nurseinthemakin

    What does forensic nursing entail?

    I'm really interested in learning what I can about different areas of nursing. Can anyone explain to me your job description as a forensic nurse?
  3. nurseinthemakin

    Starting Wage for RN in Kansas Metro

    Thanks Duane!
  4. nurseinthemakin

    Calling graduating class of 2014!

    Neosho County Community College Class of 2014 (December)!!! We start in October with Intro to Nursing and Dosage Calc. I'm VERY excited and can't wait. We had orientation last month and met our instructors and got our badges, planners....Anyways, I'm sure I'm going to need some support through this journey! I'm glad to have found this thread :)
  5. nurseinthemakin

    Starting Wage for RN in Kansas Metro

    Hey everyone! I'm a new nursing student and I was wondering if anyone knows what average pay per hour is here in the Metro? I heard OPRMC was like $23/hr....Any other input?
  6. nurseinthemakin

    I would give anything...

    Thank you all for your encouraging words. I will keep going! I was having a bit of a pity party when I posted this thread originally! Thank you so much!
  7. nurseinthemakin

    Waitlist Status

    For anyone who was waitlisted- How many students are accepted to your program? I'm waitlisted and our school takes 48/year...hoping for a call!
  8. nurseinthemakin

    I would give anything...

    Here's a little back story on my situation. At the age of 27, I decided to go to college for the first time. I knew the only thing I would ever do was nursing! I started last fall and have completed all my pre-reqs except for Micro (3 weeks of class left) and Interpersonal Communications (taking this fall) I have a 4.0 GPA and scored an 81% on the TEAS V. I go to a local CC and got my nursing app turned in this February. I just recieved a letter that I did not get accepted, but that I was eligible to be an alternate. I wasn't expecting it. I have to admit it's hard for me to read all the posts where people are encouraging people to never give up because "it will happen"! I'm not a bitter person, but I felt really let down that I was not accepted. I feel like a 4.0 shows that regardless of a test score, that I can retain information and understand it. Now I'm stuck praying to get a call to get in as an alternate, and I am reading posts about people who were accepted to their programs and are struggling or wondering if they are in over their heads. I would give ANYTHING to be in nursing school, and I am ready for the hard work and dedication that it takes to succeed. Am I the only one feeling this way????
  9. nurseinthemakin

    Teas V testing.... LPN

    It just depends on the school. I'm going to a community college and we were required to take the TEAS V!
  10. nurseinthemakin

    I cried at work is it embarrassing? How do I get over this?

    I cry all the time, in front of anyone! I wouldn't worry a bit. Because none of your co-workers are thinking about it!
  11. nurseinthemakin

    Unit Secretary

    I think a US position is a great way to get your foot in the door. I started working at a local hospital when I turned 18 as the US on the Med/Surg floor. I learned SO much from my job. I would ask the nurses and doctors all kinds of questions. I became familiar with diagnoses', medications, labs, tests......It was a great opportunity to learn, and realize that I really did want to pursue a career in the medical field!
  12. nurseinthemakin

    This wait is KILLING me....ADVICE?

    I can't begin to think how common it is for a 4.0? I would really like to think that it's fairly uncommon LOL! I'm really not sure though?
  13. nurseinthemakin

    This wait is KILLING me....ADVICE?

    LOL, thanks guys for making me feel better. It is hard for anyone here at home to understand how important this is to me! They are very supportive, but they look at it like- if you don't make it this time, try again. I don't want to wait. I'm ready NOW!!
  14. nurseinthemakin

    This wait is KILLING me....ADVICE?

    Thank you, and CONGRATS to you!!!!! I will make it, it is just hard to think about LOL!
  15. nurseinthemakin

    This wait is KILLING me....ADVICE?

    Ok, here is my story. I go to a local CC. I turned in my Nursing App in Feb. Deadline was 4-30-12. We are not supposed to get letters until the end of June/ beginning of July. I was told yesterday that our school had approx. 450 applicants for 48 spots!! All I want is to be accepted and get that big fat envelope in the mail! I do have a 4.0 and I did decent on my TEAS exam....Any thoughts on how to stay busy and quit worrying so much? LOL....These last few weeks are killer :)
  16. nurseinthemakin

    Fall 2012 Schedule...Am I crazy?

    Thank you everyone..This will be the only semester I will be "pushing it" with BSN pre-reqs..After fall semester I might just take a class here or there that goes towards my BSN!