Best WHITE scrub suggestions?

  1. Hi all,

    Starting school this May. Our uniform for clinicals is solid white scrubs. Yup, all white. I already understand the value of nude undies, but would love some suggestions on scrub brands that may be better than others when it comes to the see-through factor! No one needs to see my hiney.
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  3. by   Okie36
    Cherokee workwear....they wear well and stand up to repeated washings and bleach.. They are about average in price..
  4. by   EDRN1091
    Greys anatomy have back pockets which help minimize the see through factor. I always wore leggings under mine, until the blessed day they switched to navy pants.
  5. by   springchick1
    I wear either boy shorts or the female boxers that you can buy at target or Walmart. They aren't my favorite but oh well. I got the lined scrubs (we had to buys certain kind) and they aren't as lined as you would think!
  6. by   flyersfan88
    I wear Koi pants with a pair of nude undies and no one sees a thing!
  7. by   Best_Name_Ever
    I agree about the Greys anatomy line, or Barco (Barco makes the Greys line). They seem to be a better quality of material then most scrubs.

    I would also suggest starting a petition at your school! Nobody likes white scrub pants!! That happened at my school, and we got the Dean to change our uniform to black pants.
  8. by   christina731
    I don't have a suggestion of what to wear but rather what not to wear. I have to wear white scrubs pants and a white collared button front lab coat-like top. The pants I have to wear are Landau and even though I wear nude underwear you can still see through them! You can even see what's in the pockets! It's a good thing that the tops are rather long otherwise you would see everything! I wish they would at least let us wear other brands but they say we must wear Landau. The only nice thing about the all white uniform is that we do get compliments on how nice & clean we all look from patients/family. I just wish I felt like I looked nice. Just make sure that you and the other ladies in your bunch keep an eye out for "monthly accidents". Good luck with the white. I'm still trying to get used to it
  9. by   ClassyChristina
    There are NO good white scrubs... haha. I always got the cheapest I could find so I would be able to not feel bad about throwing them away as soon as finished with school!
  10. by   SunshineDaisy
    We have to wear all white as! I wear Cherokee as well. The seem a little thicker. I wear full coverage undies and a tank top as well.
  11. by   NoonsRN
    I have always used the Smart Scrubs brand. Durable and all the fun stains I have gotten on them wash out with no issues. They age well.